Sunday, 9 December 2012


I’m standing in the middle of the street, perfectly still. My face is turned towards the dark sky. My eyes are closed and little white flakes are gently landing on my skin, instantly turning into tiny water drops. My mind goes blank for a few short moments. I’m not thinking anything, I’m just enjoying this perfect moment.

Then I slowly open my eyes and try to soak in the beauty of this perfect night. Everyone and everything is asleep, I’m the only living soul on the street. The world is sleeping and I can’t hear a thing which makes me feel powerful and weak at the same time.

I turn back and watch the fresh footprints in the snow. Snowflakes are slowly filling the marks my shoes made and I’m thinking if the same happens with our deeds. Do deeds of other people eventually cover our deeds until they have completely erased any sing of our acts and existence?

I continue my way towards our house, knowing that in the morning my footprints will be gone and hope that my deeds and my existence won’t go unnoticed.