Thursday, 23 August 2012

100 words: Falling leaves

I watch the leaves falling from the trees as I walk through the woods. Red, orange and yellow leaves separate themselves from the branches one by one. They remind me of children who grow up and leave their parents, just like leaves leave the branches.

Watching the nature dressing itself in vivid colours and the falling leaves makes me sad; it reminds me that my favourite season is coming to an end and that once again I’ll have to wait nine long months for summer to return. I’ll look through the window every day, craving for the long hot summer.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The escalator

Mr Starlight and I were going down an escalator when we saw them; her, faced upwards and him, turned with his left side toward us. Both of us immediately knew that they had a huge argument, probably just a few minutes earlier, it was plain on their faces.

She was wearing a lovely white summer dress with a wide red belt and had an angry look on her face, with traces of determination. He was looking around, confused, nervously licking his lips when he looked her way. He never looked at her, just in her general direction, probably checking out the territory.

In the middle of the escalator, we quietly slid past each other, them avoiding any look and us watching them carefully. The second half of their ascent went unchanged but it seemed like it took forever.

“I wouldn’t want to be him right now” I said as they disappeared through the doors at the top.

Photo taken from here.