Monday, 26 March 2012

100 words: Worn out

I'm looking through the window, craving for a summer storm. I have never felt like this in spring; these feelings are reserved for summer. I’m tired and worn out and I need something to happen, something to change.

Usually I feel like this in summer, after weeks of unbearable heat and drought.
I know I’m feeling like this because I haven’t been out for weeks. I need to go out and enjoy this beautiful spring instead of lying in bed, ill. I need and want to get better.
I’m looking through the window, craving for summer and for summer storms. 

Thursday, 15 March 2012

100 words: Spring in the city

It seems that each year when it arrives the whole world becomes more lively and happy, even the city which I hold so dear. 
As the days are getting longer and longer the street lights light up later every day.
Sun rays are getting stronger and warmer each day and they wake up the earth and all the creatures living on it. Even cities are awakening; the streets and gardens of the bars are getting crowded with smiling people wearing vividly coloured light jackets and blazers.

Spring has arrived and the world seems like a much nicer and happier place.

Photo taken from here.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

100 words: Bedridden

I don’t have a cold very often but when I do I’m very well taken care of.

He always orders me to stay in bed: “I’ll bring you whatever you need or want;“ and so he does. I sleep most of the time but when I’m awake he always asks what I want to eat and conjures up even the most extraordinary desires I have and makes sure that I’m comfortable at all times. To be honest, he spoils me rotten.

I hate having a cold but nonetheless I’m glad to know that he’s here to take care of me.

Photo taken from here.

Saturday, 3 March 2012


I enter the lift and press the button with the number four on it. I’m nervously thinking about how I will do, if there’s something I shouldn’t say and what I should say. Before I leave the lift I take one last look in the mirror, fix a strand of hair that was out of place and check my make-up. It all looks fine.

A few moments later I enter the office where three smiling faces are looking at me and when a cup of tea is offered most of my fears fade away. I feel welcome.

We sit down and start talking about their how the institute is organized. The director is explaining what they think I could do and which conferences they think would be interesting for me to attend with them. I’m a bit surprised since I didn’t expect all of this but at the same time I’m very happy and excited because I realise that this is a big and important opportunity for me and that I can gain a lot; not just a lot of working experience but also new acquaintances. We talk for an hour or so about all sorts of things regarding my voluntary work at their institute and then the director realises that it’s lunchtime and I’m invited to join them.

We enter the lift and someone presses the button with the letter P on it. I smile and they all smile back; I think I did well and they liked me.