Friday, 24 December 2010

About happiness

This is another post from Jennys point of view. 

I’m early again, as usual. In these days most people are always in a hurry and late which I really hate. I’m sure Nancy and Tina will come 5 minutes early, they always do and I really respect them for it. They’re not like Emma who’s always late. I really wish she would be here, I love planning events with her.

“Hey darling, we’re not late, are we?” Nancy is always so well spoken. She and Tina come in a package. They’ve been best friends since primary school and they are soul mates. They complete each others sentences, smile together and cry together. I’m a bit jealous of them because it’s not like this with me and Emma. I would love to cry with her but she always shuts me out.

“Where’s Emma? Should we wait for her?” Tina is the one who probably understands Emma much better than I do. She had also lost a baby but she dealt with it much better than Emma did. I really admire her, she is so strong.

“No, Emma is not coming. I though you knew. Tim and her are spending their holidays in Seychelles. I thought she told you.” Though I’m not surprised she didn’t. She wouldn’t tell me if I wouldn’t call her yesterday.

The waitress comes and we order a bottle of wine. This is our tradition when we meet for lunch.

“Oh, how nice. I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful time there.” Said Nancy. It’s obvious that she doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on with Emma. She’s a brilliant actress I have to give her that. Should I tell Nancy and Tina what’s going on with Emma? Maybe they would have an idea how to help her.

“She’s looking forward to this trip. She really needs a vacation since she’s working all the time.” It’s better to wait and tell them later, after the party. I don’t want to ruin the New Years Eve for them.

“Well, that’s wonderful. She’s been very busy lately, yes, she didn’t answer the phone or return any of my calls. Is there anything wrong with her?” Tina is an excellent observer. But I still don’t want them to worry because they can’t help Emma in the next few weeks. I’ll tell them later.

“No, there’s nothing wrong with her, not that I would know.” I hate lying to them but I think it’s the best I can do at this moment. The waitress brings the wine and pours it into our glasses. I take a long sip. It’s really good wine, I should buy a bottle to take home since I’m spending the evening alone. Again.

“Jen, my mom is divorcing her third husband and she wants to hire you to re-decorate her house. She said she’ll call you soon.” I didn’t know she’s divorcing again. She hired me when her first husband, Tina’s father, died because she wanted to move on and she didn’t want the furniture to remain the same. She did the same thing when she divorced her second husband and it seems that she’s doing the same now which is good for me. No one has hired me for two months now.

“I would love to help her out. How is she doing?” I’m not surprised that Tina doesn’t care so much about her mother’s divorce. She never approved of her mother getting re-married and she never liked her second or third husband.

“She’s ok. She just wants to get rid of the things that remind her of him.” I understand her mother. I re-decorated our apartment when I figured out that Mark’s cheating on me. But I didn’t accomplish anything. He’s still doing it and I want to get rid of the new furniture because it reminds me of him cheating on me. Maybe, I should get rid of him.

“I have better news.” Says Nancy. “We’re trying to get pregnant.” This is not a surprise. Nancy and Jim have a perfect life. I smile. It’s a fake smile though; I don’t want them to know how unhappy I am. I didn’t tell anyone about Marks affair because I don’t want their pity.
I’m really happy for her but I want to have a perfect husband and a perfect marriage too. I want to have a child but I don’t want to have a child with my cheating husband.


  1. I am thinking you should go on with the story, edit all the blog posts together and try to sell it to a magazine as a short novelette type thing.

  2. Agree with Barbara L. But I think posting mini-stories are good too. It keeps me on my toes.

  3. @Caterpillar - Be patient :)

    @Barbara & WCOTFT - I'm thinking of expanding this story in a novel. Thanks for your support, it means a lot to me!

  4. merry christmas starlight! :)

    i love getting to know Jenny more and more. when you first introduced her in the story, i thought she was just an insignificant character, a nosy friend to Emma. by posting more of her point of view, i learn to appreciate her better.

  5. Hi Starlight, I am really enjoying this series of posts. Looking forward to the next one already!

  6. @Maria - Thanks it was a nice Christmas.
    I'm glad that you started to like Jenny. It's interesting how nobody seemed to like her until I started posting from her point of view :)

    @Happy Frog and I - Thank you, I'm glad you like it.