Monday, 31 January 2011


After a long time I give you another story from Emma's point of view.

I have to call you and tell you what I just saw. But what if you won’t believe me? You’ll probably say I’m crazy and I didn’t see it right. But I know what I saw.

Hello? You answered right away. Should I tell you or not?

Tim I just saw Mark kissing another woman. This is the right thing to do. Mark can’t cheat on Jen. Oh Jenny… I have to call her and tell her too. No, I can’t tell her something like this over the phone. I should meet her for lunch.

Why are you so quiet? Say something.

Are you sure you saw Mark and not someone else? I knew you won’t believe me.

I’m sure Tim. I know what I saw, you have to believe me! Are you cheating on me too?

Emma, Mark is my best friend, don’t you think I would know if he was messing around? That’s a good question. Are you messing around?

No, he wouldn’t tell you because he knows that you would tell me and I would tell Jenny. She will be devastated. How am I going to tell her something like this?

You can’t tell Jenny! What?? Are you serious? I have to tell her, I can’t lie to her. Maybe you’re right though. Was it really him? Damn, you’re messing with my head. I know what I saw and Jen has to know. She can’t live a lie.

Tim I have to tell her. She’s my best friend and she’s always been there for me. I can’t lie to her. How can you expect me to hide something like this from her? If it was me I would want to know and I’m sure she would.

It's not a lie if you don't tell her. Emma, you can’t just tell her that you saw him kissing another woman. You can ruin their marriage and you’re not even sure it was him. Don’t do it Emma. Why don’t you believe me? I know what I saw and I can’t hide it from her I have to tell her. I should call her right away and tell her to meet me. But where? It has to be somewhere quiet and uncrowded. She’ll cry and she may make a scene. Should I go over to her place? No, he will be there. Maybe I should invite her to our place and buy a bottle of wine on the way home. Or two perhaps…

Tim, I’m going to tell her. I’m sure I saw him and the woman was tall with dark blonde hair. I wanted to go there and grab her hair and… well, I don’t know what I would do to her. But it’s not her fault. He’s the one who’s cheating and he’s the one to blame.

Emma, what if the pills are messing with your head. Go home and wait for me. We’ll talk about it. I should go now I have a meeting. I knew you would say this. The anti-depressants I’m taking are helping me and I’m feeling much better and you don’t believe it. You think I’m pretending.

Bye Tim. I hang up. If you’re having a meeting now you won’t come home for at least a couple of hours. This would give me enough time to talk to Jenny.

Hey Emma what’s going on? You haven’t called me in a long time is there something wrong? It’s true, I haven’t called her since… I don’t know since when to be honest. And she’s asking me if there’s something wrong. Yes it is, her husband is cheating on her and I have to break the news to her.

Are you busy? I would like to see you and I was thinking maybe you could come over to our place. I have two bottles of your favourite wine. I don’t have them yet but I’m on my way to the store. I should also buy some food. Or not, we can order in.

Sure, I would love to. I need a time out from my work. I’ve been working on a project for Tina’s mom and haven’t been sleeping for two days in a row. I have so many ideas I can’t stop working. I’m glad she finally got some work. It’ll keep her busy so she won’t think about Mark and that woman. I should invite her to move to our place for a couple of weeks.

It's a date. See you in an hour.


  1. Given that Jenny knows her husband's already having an affair, it'll be interesting to see her reaction.

  2. i'm happy that Emma was to strong not to be dissuaded by Tim to tell Jenny the truth. i'm soo looking forward to Jenny's reaction! and what about Tim? i echo Emma's questions. why is he covering up Mark..hmmmmm.

    i like this story.. arouses a lot of questions from the readers.

  3. I'm pretty sure her eye sight was messed up by the meds and it wasn't even him!!!

  4. @Robbie - I have in mind different scenarios, haven't decided yet what Jenny will do.

    @Maria - I'm glad you liked it. I was thinking about writing also from Tim's point of view but I probably won't because I don't know who men are thinking...

    @Chief - Wait for the next piece and find out what will happen :)

    @Doria - It is good for her to feel better, isn't it? :)

  5. What a tangled web... Emma sounds like a cool girl

    :) Keep writing Star.

  6. Oh my, I seem to be the only who agrees with Tim - Emma shouldn't tell Jenny! No girl will ever stay friends with someone who tells her that her husband is cheating - too much dented pride.
    I hope you love how everyone is getting inside your characters and thinking about what they should do.

  7. @Shopgirl - I'm glad that you like Emma. A couple of my friends said that she's annoying, lol :)

    @Sharon - Well, Jenny already knows that Mark is cheating on her so what's the difference?
    I'm very happy that most of my readers enjoy this story and how much encouragement they all give me.

    @Chief - Thank you so so much! *hug*

  8. I wouldn't tell. Sometimes people don't want to hear stuff from their friends. It is a shame for them. And if someone isn't 100% sure then no way.