Friday, 22 July 2011

100 words: My favourite scent

A lot of people love summer storms and I have to admit that I’m one of them, but not because of the heavy rain or because of lightning. 

I love how air surrounds my body like heavy bricks and how wet and hot it is.

I love watching steam coming out of the streets; the moment when cold rain meets heated asphalt is magical. 

And what I love the most is the scent coming out of the wet and heated asphalt after a heavy storm. I love this unique smell and this is my favourite scent in the whole world.

Photo taken from here.


  1. Loved this post. I love summer storms for most of those reasons but not the muggy wet does HORRIBLE things to my curly hair. This post was like a summer storm on a blog page though. Loved it.

  2. I am not over fond of storms they do too much damage here when they are really big. The smell after rain though I agree is the best perfume ever. Diane

  3. I absolutely love the smell of the air after summer rain. It's so fresh and natural.

  4. I do love a good storm when I've no reason to be out driving in it or dealing with traffic ahh. Something about Atlanta, if anything wet comes from the sky. It's just PANIC! Now the smell of rain is not always my fav. Especially when its going to interfer with my fun in the sun! :) Love the post!

  5. Oh now hat is beautiful. Really loved your hundred words, very evocative.

  6. Vigorously nodding my head in agreement!

  7. I can relate to this one! I enjoyed your description it put me right out there after the storm.

  8. I agree with you! I love the smell of rain on a summers day!

  9. Not really a fan of the humidity of summer rain, I prefer the smell of the air after a winter storm where it blew away all the dust and other junk in the air, also get really crisp pictures.

  10. How fun and yes I love that smell after the first few drops of rain. They ought to bottle it.

  11. Lovely post. almost makes me wish it's raining here!

  12. beautiful post! I have never thought about the smell of summer storms before but when you wrote it, I realized how serene the scent is.

  13. @Jewels - I have straight hair, maybe that's one of the the reasons why I love summer storms so much :) Glad you liked this post anyway.

    @Diane - We agree on one thing at least :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    @Barb - It is fresh and natural, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    @Barbara - I'm glad that you loved my post :)

    @Doria - Mr Starlight loves driving in a storm and I also don't mind it :) Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad that you liked my post.

    @Abi - Glad that you liked it.

    @The Tame Lion - It's nice to know that some people agree with me :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    @Keith - Glad you liked this post, I would love to see your photos of storm. Do you have any? :)

    @Rebecca - Another member of "The storm fans" club. Welcome :)

    @RQ - I agree :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    @Shopgirl - That would be my favourite parfume.

    @Trishie - Thank you, I'm glad that you liked it.

    @Maria - It is a beautiful scent, isn't it? Glad you liked my post.