Sunday, 18 September 2011

100 words: Goodbye

Summer said goodbye.

Days are getting shorter and shorter; every day dusk surprises me a bit earlier than the day before.  Days are getting colder and colder; I can no longer wear flip-flops when I go out to run errands in the morning. Mornings are not shiny and warm anymore; instead they are foggy and cold.

The leaves on the trees are no longer green; they are slowly changing colours into striking yellow, vivid orange and blinding red.

Grass is growing more slowly; it doesn’t need to be mowed twice a week anymore.
Summer said goodbye, see you next year.

Photo taken from here


  1. I do not want to think about it, Please summer hold on as long as possible :)) Diane

  2. Beautiful.

    Fall is actually my favorite season.

    Can't wait to finally take out the air conditioners. :)

  3. Oh, it makes me so sad to see summer go. And the very last things I pack away are my sandals and flip-flops.

  4. The last weekend has really felt like summer here we had really warm days top of 30 degrees yesterday and it felt great I do like warm days like we have just had.

  5. Lovely. I was commenting to Baglady that summer seems pretty well done here too. It's up in the air as to whether or not I do a story about it.

  6. Summer on the island is pretty much over, and while I am still bananas enough to wear flip flops straight through to the first snow... the sweaters have been taken out of their hiding place in the guestroom closet... and a few have already been worn. I won't miss summer as much as most. Those of us that live here rarely get to the beach because the summer is when we work our butts off... but the end of summer means the obnoxious tourists are finally gone en mass... welcome autumn!!!
    (As if i needed a reason to drink copious amounts of hot tea!)

  7. Oh such a sweet post! I'm not too sad to see summer turn into Autumn.. I love the colours, the cosy scarves and it's my birthday... happy times!

  8. Hi, lovely post about autumn that I’m sure many of us will agree with.
    I too am very sad to see summer go as I said in my Tweet to you. I noticed the other day on my way home from work that the floor was covered in the acorns dropping off the oaks trees. Very crunchy underfoot. The orchid that we have in our kitchen has also started to drop its flowers. It had 20 in bloom for most of the summer, but is now down to 5.

  9. Good to see you writing/posting again. I'm planning to chase the sun one more time this year next week when I go to Spain before giving into the inevitable darker and cooler evenings.

  10. You're back! Yay! I'm always sad when summer says goodbye. But, I do look forward to the holidays and Halloween. I don't look forward to the cold, windy days. Foggy mornings can be kind-of pretty and haunting. :)

  11. @Diane - It's already gone here in Slovenia and I already miss it...

    @Julianna - My favourite season in summer but I like fall too - colours of fall are magnificent.

    @li - I'm still wearing flip-flops in my apartment. :)

    @Jo-Anne - Awww, I'm so envy... :)

    @Robbie - It seems that I'm not the only one who will miss summer.

    @GoofyGirl - I understand why you're not a fan of summer but you don't hate it, do you?

    @Bth - When exactly is your birthday?

    @Dicky - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. My orchid also also started to drop its flowers...

    @Abi - Have fun in Spain, I wish I could join you :)

    @The Frisky Virgin - I'm back yes, glad you noticed it :) I'm not a big fan of Halloween (I'm not an American, does this explain it?)... but I enjoy a day or two of holidays.

  12. Great post as usual! I don't remember reading this when it was first posted, thanks for sharing the link with me.