Saturday, 3 December 2011

100 words: Chocolate

I’m slowly and carefully unwrapping the silver foil; I don’t want to tear it apart. I don’t like messy shredded foil and I usually don’t eat the whole bar at once so I need the foil to wrap it up when I’m done with it. 

There are brown pieces under the foil. Sweet little brown pieces that are supposed to make people happy.  

I take it into my hand and admire it for a little bit. It’s perfect. But the best part comes when I put it in my mouth where it leaves a warm sweet taste as it melts.  

Photo taken from here


  1. Will have to make sure Mr. 2Half reads this one! He is a chocoholic!
    Good post, very descriptive.

  2. This post made me laugh out loud! Your'e right, chocolate makes me happy, even a post about chocolate makes me happy! I think the people at the table next to me are wondering if I'm a kind of maniac or something...

  3. Oh, that sounds so good! Is it alright to have a chocolate bar for breakfast? :)

  4. What is it about chocolate, I love it so much. Great 100 words, although I feel like I need to walk down to the corner shop to get a bar of mint aero.

  5. Good subject choice and I enjoyed your 100 words very much. I do rush into eating chocolate myself though!