Sunday, 3 June 2012

A perfect set of cups

Yesterday Mr Starlights parents visited our apartment for the first time and they had the honour to be the first people who drank coffee from our new tea/coffee set, bought just a few hours before its first use.

When we first moved to this apartment, almost two years ago, we noticed that we didn’t own a set of cups; a proper set of cups with plates, for coffee and tea. We had plenty of lovely mugs though, but none of them matching each other. We agreed that we must have a set of cups and added it to our shopping list but there was always a good reason to delay this purchase.

The main reason why it took us so long to buy a set of cups is that we don’t really need them. We don’t get a lot of visitors and those who come by regularly like to have their tea or coffee in big mugs because they drink it with milk. We also like hot beverages with milk (and two teaspoons of sugar, please) and those cups we already had proved to be very useful.

Unlike us and all the other people we know, my in-laws drink espresso. Plain black coffee; no milk, no sugar. A shot of coffee one could say. They usually drink it from small espresso cups and we wanted to be good hosts and make an impression; the visit from my in-laws proved to be a good reason to finally buy that coffee/tea set.

Choosing the perfect set of cups proved to be a more challenging task than either of us expected. An even harder one since we didn’t have the slightest idea what we wanted. It took us quite awhile to pick out a set that we both really liked but we finally did it.

Photo was taken by my lovely friend Alja, you can find more of her magnificent photos here.


  1. Nice story. Well written, easy to follow. But then, I always seem to enjoy your writing.

    How thoughtful of you and Mr. Starlight to make certain your guests are comfortable. Something tells me the parents left there knowing they were welcome at your home. After all, why would you two buy special in time for their visit? From the photo it looks as though you made a good choice on the cup set.

  2. Compromise, beverages, in-laws, I can relate to this post. Pleased it worked out for you. x

  3. OH! I love that cup. Especially the ring... very stylish!

  4. I do not own a nice set of cups either why becuase we wouldn't use a set........damn I just remembered that I do own a set it is stored away for safe keeping I don't want it broken.......I also have a really really old tea set that us to belong to my great grandmother...

  5. Great host always serve coffee. I like your set. Nice story as well. Have a great week. -Keith

  6. I've never tried espresso, but I should. Best coffee I've ever had was last year in Switzerland - very strong and very nice.