Saturday, 11 December 2010

The diet

“I’m so hungry, I would kill for a nice big steak right now.” Said a friend of mine a couple of days ago while we were having a cup of coffee.

“Well, let’s go to a restaurant and we’ll both have one.” I’m always hungry and you don’t have to ask me twice if I want to eat. I’m saying yes even before you've finished asking me.

“I can’t.” She replied with a sad look in her eyes.

“Why not? It’s not an expensive restaurant, I don’t have enough money to go to a fancy restaurant either.” We’re both students and we can’t afford to eat in expensive fancy restaurants even though we would love to.

She looked at me with an even sadder face and said:”No, it’s not that. I’m on a diet.”

Well that’s a whole different story… I have an opinion about diets and I would like to say that I was never on a diet in my life but I would lie. Even though I always said I would never go on a diet when I was watching my friends suffer because they were hungry and sad – just because they were on a freaking diet – I did try. And I also figured out that it’s really not my cup of tea.

I’ve always been very thin but when I was diagnosed with a coeliac disease and started my gluten-free diet (it’s not that kind of diet, because I’m not doing it voluntarily, I'm not supposed to eat food which contains gluten) I gained some weight. It's not like I’m fat, not at all, but I gained a belly because all the food I eat goes there. I really hate my belly!

With gaining weight I also found out that maybe slimming cure isn’t such a bad idea. I’ve decided I would give it a shot. I’ve read hundreds of forums and even a couple of books and decided that the 90-day diet is the best. The result is amazing - a loss of 15-20 kilograms in 90 days, and it also cures high blood pressure and – which is the most important – you don’t have to give up any type of food. The first day is a protein-day, the second a starch-day, followed by a carbohydrate-day, and the last but not least is a fruit-day. You just have to separate the food, not give it up. Perfect!

So the next day my adventure started. With fruit. With this diet you have to eat fruit for breakfast which was the first thing I didn’t like about it. I don’t like eating fruit in the morning, I don’t feel good if I do. But I was prepared to sacrifice myself for a nice flat belly. I ate a banana and an apple. And then I figured out that you’re allowed to eat just one sort of fruit at a time. I managed to screw up at the very beginning, how encouraging, right?

I didn’t give it up because I knew that I would have meat for lunch. I love meat! I spent my morning thinking about that steak waiting for me in the refrigerator. And when lunch time finally came I was the happiest person in the whole world. I grilled my steak  and a bunch of vegetables. It was delicious and I can’t describe to you how much I enjoyed it.
I also had the same menu for dinner. Just less food. I wasn’t so excided anymore. I don’t like to eat the same food twice in a day. I don’t even like to eat the same food for two days in a row! I started thinking about this diet from a different angle and it didn’t seem so perfect anymore.
But I thought “Hey, I can’t give up after only one day.” And I didn’t.

I woke up the next morning and didn’t want to get out of the bed because I knew that a banana is waiting for me in the kitchen. And a coffee without sugar and  milk. I love coffee with milk and lots of sugar. My only consolation was that I was having risotto for lunch. But instead of risotto with meat like usual it would be with vegetables. That’s not perfect but it’s much better than fruit for breakfast.

So I spent another morning thinking about lunch. It was so lame that I’m ashamed of myself.
I’m happy and proud that I make very tasty risotto so my lunch wasn’t so bad although it didn’t contain any meat. And yes – I’m basically eating meat every day and I enjoy it very much!

In the afternoon I met my friend for a coffee. As usual I ordered coffee with lots of milk and I was very generous in adding sugar. Mistake! I didn’t remember that I was on a diet and that I shouldn’t drink milk on a starch-day. And of course I didn’t remember that I’m not allowed to consume sugar. But I did enjoy my coffee very much. Much more than my dinner which was, guess what… risotto. The same one I ate for lunch.

I went to bed asking myself why am I doing this. I came to realize that I’m the same as those girls I always pitied – I was on a diet, hungry and sad. This realization made me so angry that I went to the kitchen and made myself a huge sandwich with a little bread and lots of salami and even more cheese.

This was my famous two day diet, and I couldn’t even get through these two. Don’t judge me. And those of you who are vegetarians – don’t judge me because I love meat. I don’t see a good reason why I would torture myself with a diet if I’m already forced to have a strict gluten-free diet. I can’t eat a lot of things I would die for. And I would literally die if I ate them, so that’s why I don't.

I’m just not diet material. I love food and I love to eat.


  1. It's better to just do all things in moderation and eat sensibly than to always be thinking about food. Of course you have to think about the gluten part and isn't that enough? Good blog post though, it lays it out there about the conflicts people go through with themselves over dieting.

  2. Good blog post. You weren't unsuccessful, you just decided to make other choices right now.

  3. Ah yes, I feel like Im on a diet right now, I want some candy and don't have any and I want something tasty and don't have that either. I am sad and hawngry! But am not really on any diets. Grrrr!

  4. you're the person I've been looking for...the one who'd totally understand when i say that I quit a diet immediately after I started it.... I love food too much to diet I guess...

  5. I was on a liquid and one complete meal a day diet once. It didn't do me any good. I felt as if I was starving myself and it may have stunted my growth. Diet? What diet? I just exercise harder.

  6. @BSL41403 - I totally agree with you. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You're welcome to become my follower :)

    @Barbara - Thanks :) I'm glad you "support" me :)

    @Doria - You should go jogging instead of eating candy :) How's your training going?

    @Caterpillar - I also love food too much that's why I decided to stop with my diet. I totally understand and support you! :)

    @Asian Angel - I agree. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. There is far too much wonderful food out there to have a restricted diet. A little bit of what you fancy ;)

  8. Haha, food. EVERY woman's struggle! I've been there for sure! I am a vegetarian, but definitely don't judge those who eat meat. To each their own! My food weaknesses are pizza and SWEETS. I wish I could rip out my sweet tooth. That would be convenient.

  9. Starlight, training going ok, I did not get that much needed candy! Im sure it's for the best, ha ha! Im back to training tonight, it's so cold and snowing. Grrrr!

  10. yea stop torturing yourself!lol. i can relate with this one, i think most girls can. a few months i got obsessed on losing weight, my friends think i'm crazy because i'm already thin but of course no one can stop me. i've always had tummy problems and it was aggravated by my so-called dieting. my tummy hurt so much one day that i had to leave to work early and be sent to the hospital. scary eh?

    and food, i felt sooo sorry for myself from the one thing that makes me happy!

    i love food too and i love to eat! =D

  11. Im definately not a fan of diets to get skinny - just eat a burger, then go for a run! ;)
    Dont be hard on yourself - you're beautiful just the way you are!

  12. @Louba - I'm done with diets (except the gluten-free diet).

    @Christine - Thanks for not judging me for eating meat. A lot of vegetarians are judging us. And I love sweets too :)

    @Doria - You're my hero :) Don't give up!

    @Maria - I'm not torturing myself anymore and I'm not planing to do this again. I love food too much.
    You should stop with your diet, now! :)

    @Bth - Thank you, that's so sweet. *hug*

  13. This is an excellent post! Life is so short, so fragile, why spend it miserable and unhappy if you can possibly help it? I just think it is so important to be happy in life, and when is anyone happy on a diet? :(

    I think you are truly wonderful for writing this and saying it like it is! *hugs*