Monday, 18 April 2011

Inspiration is everywhere - Inspiration Monday guest post

Dear friends and followers, it’s time for Inspiration Monday. I’m always so happy and excited when this day comes because I can share with all of you all sorts of stories about Inspiration from very interesting women.

Today’s story was written by my dear friend Doria who writes at Whats on your mind monkey butt?. She’s a very funny and interesting lady and all of you should check out her blog. She usually makes me smile even when I have a bad day. I really like what she wrote about Inspiration so I won’t stall anymore. I give you Doria:

**** Inspiration you say?  Well we all know that can come from anywhere. You stop 10 people on the street they may all say something different.  But I'm sure everyone has at least one something to give them inspiration.  The lovely Starlight has asked for my guest post.  Thank goodness she knows me well enough to give me plenty of time to get this done. Let me say, it's taken me weeks, sad but true.  I'd never really given much thought on the topic of inspiration.  What it meant to me? Where it comes from? I've still no answers to those questions.  But from the moment she asked, I knew who best to talk about that some of my favorite people?  You want to know who first comes to mind?  Do you want to know why?  Oh. Yay!  You are excited, aren't you? Good!  I knew you would be! 

So yeah, for starters, there's ME. Little ole me, I am one of my biggest inspirational tools.  I play a big part anyway.  I have high expectations of myself, at times, I expect certain and I know the person I should be. Who I want to be.  What I want to do. My actions, My choices, My decisions.  They are mine.  I make them with the best intentions. For what's best for myself and those important to me. 

My favorite inspiration, my daughter.  She's silly, young, goofy, crazy.  She keeps me on my toes and is the best thing that ever happened to me.  She's wonderfully fantastic.  She is my inspiration to love. My heart to beat.  To get out of bed each morning. To strive and push to fight and struggle to be something more. Something deserving of such a blessing.  She inspires me to be something better for her!  To ensure she grows up better than me. That she has an opportunity and more of a push to get  out there and do great things.

That's what my adventure is all about you know?  This adventure called life.  It's all about doing great things- Always!

My Mom is another big piece to my inspiration. She's so strong, so tough. She's a modern day superman, or woman!  A hero to the weaklings like me. She too inspires me to love.  She inspires me to be strong. Be bold in my ways. To stand and fight when it's necessary.  To take care of those in need.  To be the best possible person I can.   I catch a glimpse of my mom in the mirror from time to time. It makes me smile that I'm, if only momentarily, as awesome as she is.

So there we are. The shortest, sweetest version I have on what inspires me.  I regrettably accepted this challenge. I was/am worried it's terrible and awful.  If so, my bad!  I don't have much else for you.  I have realized with this project, not only do I find inspiration from obvious places.  But that my life is filled with  people I love.  People who love me.  I have awesome friends!  Friends and Family I wouldn't trade for the richest of things. The people I know and love inspire me to be Bold. Be better.  Be good. Be nice.  Inspire me to love. My friends and family they inspire me to be ME!

Thank  you dearest Starlight for the inspiration and the opportunity to share what I have! *hugs*     *****


  1. "The people I know and love inspire me to be Bold. Be better. Be good. Be nice. Inspire me to love. My friends and family they inspire me to be ME!"

    There really is NO better inspiration than that! It was/is a great post Doria, ♥

  2. Thank you again Starlight, you're the best! It was an honor to be a guest!
    And thank you goofy girl! :)

  3. Thank You for the compliments, My Dear Daughter Doria, it has been the gifts like Yourself, that has made Your Mother a strong, unstoppable person. You are no weakling, You are a piece of this puzzle, We call Life, A Wonderful piece, that I was Blessed with to Enjoy, Love and watch Grow, and Lead, the Best way I knew how. You were My 1st True Love, Love that nothing can come between. My Inspiration, Lessons and the first Wonderful Lady on this Earth that will continue This Life, Life has been a True True Blessing & Gift from the first moment it began.Thank You, My Dear Daughter for making Me someone, who is Special in a Wonderful Wonderful Heart like Yours

  4. That was a very enjoyable read, and it always feel so nice to have people around you to whom you who love you so much...

  5. Thanks everyone! :) And Yes goofy girl.. Mom's do RULE! :)

  6. So sweet. One can only hope to have family and friends who inspire. It is a wonderful thing to lift each other up. Great guest post! :)