Friday, 5 August 2011

The hotel

I’m standing at a bus stop, waiting for my bus to arrive and watching the people around me, as usual, trying to guess what their story is. A big black Bentley stops in front of the fancy hotel near the bus stop and catches my attention. The driver who jumps out of the car and hurries to open the back door is a typical driver you can see in movies; he is wearing a black suit, a white shirt with a black tie and a black hat. He opens the back door and an older man comes out of the car, followed by an older lady, probably his wife. The man is wearing brown linen pants and a pink polo shirt, an unusual combination for a man of his age but it suits him well. I assume it was his daughter or his wife who bought a pink shirt for him, I can’t imagine him buying one himself. The lady is dressed in a beige summer dress with big red flowers printed on the fabric. They smile at each other as they’re walking to the hotel and disappear in the dimmed light of the lobby. 

Two business men are standing in front of the hotel, both carrying briefcases. It seems they’re discussing something very important, judging from the expressions on their faces. One of them is constantly checking out his pocket watch, they’re probably waiting for someone. Or maybe he’s in a hurry and can’t get rid of the other guy. 

I hear a bus approaching the stop and I check the number above the windscreen; it’s not the one I’m waiting for. I look back and see the nervous business man is leaving; he’s making a call, probably notifying someone how the meeting went. The other one is going back to the hotel; I could think of a million reasons why but I don’t because someone else much more interesting catches my attention.

A tall blonde woman, about 25 years old is walking toward the hotel’s entrance. She’s dressed quite inappropriately for this hour. Her black dress is too tight and a bit too short; her pink high heels are way too shiny and her huge pink handbag doesn’t fit the outfit at all. I’m wondering what she's got in there, more appropriate clothes, maybe? I’m sure her intention was to look classy but she’s far from that. She’s walking uneasily and constantly looking behind her shoulder. I’m wondering why she’s going to the hotel. The first reason I think of is some kind of kinky business. She does look like a call girl, to be honest. As she’s just about the enter to the hotel she stops and looks around her as if she would be checking if someone saw her going in. I looked around and no one was paying attention to her. Except for me, of course.


  1. I love this post. Very descriptive. Your words give life to the characters. Like you I also get notice everyone and come up with stories about them in my head. It's a fun habit. And I would agree with you about the girl. *wink

    -thereissomethingaboutmaria :)

  2. Fantastic post, I am seldom in a place or get the time to to fantasize what people are doing. It is great to see it all through someone else's eyes. Diane

  3. Love this post. My favorite past time is people watching. Wonderful job.

  4. I love this. Not only do I love to people watch too but reading this I actually can see what you're writing about. It's fantastic!

  5. me curious now...what was the girl doing there?

  6. I love it! I bet it wasn't clothes in the bag. I bet it was "toys."