Tuesday, 25 October 2011

100 words: Snow

You arrived way too early and surprised us all, most of us didn’t expect you so soon.

I wasn’t angry like the drivers in their cars were when they saw you; neither was I as thrilled as the children on the playground were. I was genuinely surprised.

I must admit, it was a magnificent scene – those huge flakes were the biggest I saw in my entire life. And you spent  a whole afternoon in the middle of October with us, that’s something unforgettable. 

But you disappeared as quickly as you appeared; there was no sign of you in the evening.

Photo taken from here.


  1. I like your blog! keep on with the good work! ;)

  2. That sounds like the first snow we got, earlier this month. There's supposed to be a bigger storm coming our way presently, which could leave anywhere from a foot to a foot and a half in its wake.

  3. Lerve the post.. I hope it doesn't snow here... GAH!

  4. Thank goodness we haven't had any snow yet here. I'm not ready!

  5. Wonderful 100!
    We're supposed to get snow on Thursday, but I bet it's not going to happen. It was 80 degrees today.

  6. Nessa, my dear, it could be possible; it was eighty down in Denver Monday, and we're getting the heavy wet stuff presently and the city's due to get six to twelve inches. Sorry.

  7. A beautiful post. You write so poetically. I love snow, but perhaps only when I'm inside all warm and snuggled up.

  8. Lovely words, my dear. Is it really snowing already?

  9. The first snow is always exciting the last snow is the one you can't wait for. Nice post.

  10. @Mirela - Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    @Robbie - You're I tough guy, I wouldn't survive there. I'm a summer person :)

    @Doria - Thanks hun :)

    @Sydneylk - I wasn't ready either. Luckily it's gone.

    @Nessa Roo - Did you get snow?

    @Lizzie - Thank you sweetie. I also love snow when I'm inside all warm and snuggled up :)

    @Trishie - Thanks. Yes it did snow a week or so ago but only one day and snow was gone right away.

    @Keith - Thank you :) I wasn't very excited about it... just surprised.