Thursday, 17 November 2011

100 words: A new beginning

The doorbell rings. 

I’m wondering who it might be since I’m not expecting anyone. 

It’s the mailman who explains that there are three books waiting for me at the Post Office.

I grab my wallet and keys and run to the Post Office all messy and excited.

The nice lady behind the counter gives me three packages and I run back home.

In the safe shelter of my apartment I unpack the books, one by one.

I take each book in my hands and smell it.

I love the smell of a new book; it smells like a new beginning. 


  1. Ah the smell of new books is wonderful. It's great getting new books through the post. I always get them sent to work; it cheers me up.

    Great 100 words Starlight.

  2. I worked in a bookstore for a number of years, and i can still recall that wonderful scent of books, paper and coffee :-) E-readers are nice, and convenient for travel, but I will always prefer a book made of paper!

  3. LIKE! Going into a book store, like a 2nd hand book store is prolly one of my fav things to do. I love the smell of old books and new boos for that matter! Love the post!

  4. I agree with the rest of the bunch, the smell of books is great. Lately I have been going to GoodWill and hunting through their used book section. I've found many, many books there, classics and newer, usually they are $2 or less. It always makes me happy when I happen to find a book by an author I like, it's almost like a treasure hunt.

  5. I just like to get stuff in the mail.

    Stuff that I don't have to deliever, that is.

  6. Love books. Love the crispness of a new book.

  7. @Dicky - Thank you for your comment, I'm glad you liked this post.

    @Li - I don't like e-readers, I guess I'm old school.

    @Doria - Book stores are one of the best places to go to. I love them!

    @SydneyIk - It is like a treasure hunt, indeed.

    @Julianna - Me too :) Thanks for your comment.

    @Barbara - It seems to me that all of you who commented and I simply love books.