Monday, 7 November 2011

Flash Fiction: The mask

“Goodbye, have a nice day.” Irene said to her secretary on her way out of the office. She also politely smiled and closed a big black wooden door. On her way to the lift she smiled and nodded to a couple of people she regularly saw in the meetings but never cared to remember their names. She doesn’t have to know the name of every employee in her company, does she? 

“I’m sure your driver warmed up the car for you.” said the doormen as he opened the door for her. Cold air slapped her face but she smiled anyway and thanked him. He was right, the car was already running.

“I warmed up the car.” the driver said proudly as they left the parking space in front of a huge white building.

“I’ve noticed, that’s very kind of you.” Irene answered with a smile on her face and closed her eyes; the driver left her alone and didn’t ask any questions when she had her eyes closed and she really wasn’t in the mood for small talk. 

An hour later they stopped in front of her apartment building where she owned a penthouse. On her way up she kindly said goodbye to her driver and smiled to the doorman as she always did.

“Hello honey, how was your day?” her husband asked her when she walked into the living room.

“Oh go to hell” she said and pushed him away “stop pretending we’re a loving couple already.”

Irene finally took off her mask. 

This story was inspired by a photo taken by Keith Lambert. He is a very good photographer, you can check out his work at his blog Snap Dragon Photography.


  1. Oh I loved this; very good. The twist at the end was very brilliant. She sounds like a bit of a cow! Or maybe he has done something to make her so bitter?

  2. I think I have worked with some people like that!
    Very well written, liked the twist at the end.

  3. That was great, and I liked the image you used too.

  4. An excellent change of personality at the end. I know one or two people who wear masks that elicit smiles and yet are completely different in private. Well done.

  5. Know how this feels :( Love the post. I've nominated you for award for being a great writer and supportive blogger, details are on my blog. Hugs x

  6. Great Fiction! I thought this was fantastic the way you caught her in snapshots, and I liked the twist at the end. I also loved Keith's picture of the mask. Lovely inspiration.

  7. @Dicky - Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I don't have the answer to your questions because I honestly don't know why she's being like this. It may sound strange but that's the way it is *blush*

    @Barbara - Thank you. I hope you don't have people like this in your life anymore.

    @Robbie - Thanks. I also love this photo :)

    @Light208 - Thank you. I hope you don't see there people a lot.

    @Louba - Thank you so much! *hugs*

    @Freelance SEO - Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

    @Lizzie - Thank you sweetie.

  8. Awesome post and mask beautiful Thanks for sharing