Monday, 26 March 2012

100 words: Worn out

I'm looking through the window, craving for a summer storm. I have never felt like this in spring; these feelings are reserved for summer. I’m tired and worn out and I need something to happen, something to change.

Usually I feel like this in summer, after weeks of unbearable heat and drought.
I know I’m feeling like this because I haven’t been out for weeks. I need to go out and enjoy this beautiful spring instead of lying in bed, ill. I need and want to get better.
I’m looking through the window, craving for summer and for summer storms. 


  1. Throw open the windows, and breathe in the fresh air. Sending you big hugs to feel better.

  2. So the weather there is lovely. It's warm here till the wind blows, but then a touch chilly. A lovely 100 Words that makes me long even more for summer. You proberbly just need to get outside for a while.

  3. Worn out that is me today I am feeling so tired that I just want to sleep but instead I am here reading blogs and leaving not so witty comments because witty is not in me today my brain is barely funtioning and I am surprised I do not make more typos as honestly my head hurts that much I can concerntraite.........

  4. Love the post.. Hope you are feeling better!!!

  5. There is nothing like watching a summer storm roll in.

    When your storm comes, I hope there is lots of thunder. :-)


  6. I love a nice warm summer storm too. I hope you get one, and I hope you are well enough to go frolic in it.

  7. I hope a summer storm comes along soon for your sake!

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