Thursday, 15 March 2012

100 words: Spring in the city

It seems that each year when it arrives the whole world becomes more lively and happy, even the city which I hold so dear. 
As the days are getting longer and longer the street lights light up later every day.
Sun rays are getting stronger and warmer each day and they wake up the earth and all the creatures living on it. Even cities are awakening; the streets and gardens of the bars are getting crowded with smiling people wearing vividly coloured light jackets and blazers.

Spring has arrived and the world seems like a much nicer and happier place.

Photo taken from here.


  1. Nice, this post made me very happy. =)
    It's funny, it was cloudy all day and kind of cold, but as soon as I finished reading this post the sun came out from behind the clouds and it's feeling much warmer.
    I think I'll go for a walk now, thank you!

  2. I dont know about all those people whining about the heat, but I sure am happier now that it's warm and everything is coming to life. LOVE IT! Love your post :)

  3. Oh yes spring is definitely here and we shall soon be seeing all the beautiful buds spring forth flowers and pretty joy.
    I thank you for showing us the inspiration of the arrival of it.

    Big hugs loads of love.

  4. You're so right about spring. Everybody does seem happier. And have you noticed how we all seem to have a little more time for each other? Wonderful piece of writing.

  5. I already went outside this morning and waved at my neighbors. In my PJs. A little embarssing, but he was in his PJs too, so no worries.

  6. One of the joys of living in Central Florida (US) is that there is almost no Winter!

  7. It's amazing how the sun changes everything, don't you think?

    Although, maybe moderation is needed. Ever seen people who live in Los Angeles? They're way too smiley, it's scary.

  8. Beautiful. I love Spring, and how it does seem like everything is waking up... x

  9. Oh yes..spring is such a lovely weather:) i do hope your having a great time!