Sunday, 23 September 2012


I'm sitting on the sofa in the living room, rolling my eyes as the noise from the other room is getting louder and louder. I try hard to concentrate on the documentary I’m watching with my mom but loud high-pitched voices coming from my sisters' room are making it quite impossible.

I look at my mom on my right, poker faced, and admire her patience. My not-so-little-anymore sisters are now screaming and she just watches the telly. I’m wondering if she learned to ignore their endless fights or if she is just trying very hard not to loose it.

Just as I am about to get up, go to their room and try to talk some sense in to them the sound from their room disappears. I hear a sigh of relief from my mom, indicating that she’s not immune to the chaos after all.


  1. It's a practiced skill, trust me. Kudos to your Mom, clearly she has won the battle. :)

  2. I caught my mom laughing- LAUGHING!- at my sister and brother arguing. When I stopped and listened, it was kind of funny, but it's a good thing they never found out about the laughing.

    1. My sisters were funny, too, I guess my mom had it enough for that day. :)

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