Friday 12 November 2010

Three beautiful things

Inspired by Three beautiful things blog, I’ve decided that today I would like to find out which are the things that made my day.
I’ve been thinking for quite a while and it’s hard to decide just on three things. It seems I’ll have to be cruel. So here we go:

1. I had a very interesting lecture in the morning. We talked about flaws of student politics in Slovenia. We have a few interesting ideas on how we could improve things here but sadly we don’t have the influence to change anything.

2. After a very tasteful lunch I cuddled with my boyfriend and then we fell asleep. I have a bit of a guilty conscience because I have tons of work for my studies but it’s great to take some time from your work and just relax.

3. The third one is still coming. Two friends are coming over for dinner and we’ll have a girls evening after a long long time. We’ll cook a dinner together (though we don’t know what it’ll be yet) drink some wine and have an endless talk. I’m really looking forward to this evening :)
(I hope that this counts, since it hasn’t happen yet…)


  1. Girl's evening sounds neat!!! have fun...

  2. Sometimes a break is all we need to keep our sanity. Hope it was a fabulous day for you.

  3. Lovely! I think your number 3 counts -- anticipation is often a beautiful thing.

  4. @Caterpillar - Thanks, it was great evening :)

    @Asian Angel - I had a fabulous day, thanks. And to take a break was the right thing to do, I feel much better now.

    @Clare Grant - Thanks :)

  5. Spending some time with the people we love really takes off all that stress and gives us a breather. Good for you!