Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Don't make him angry

The woman nervously looked at the clock. It was quarter past 6 p.m. and she knew her husband will be home any time. She went to the living room and picked up the toys her son had left on the floor and carefully put them in the drawer. She looked around and affirmatively nodded as she saw everything was where it should be. Then she went back to her tidy kitchen and looked at her 9 year old son who was sitting at the dinner table, finishing his dinner.

Be quick and then go to your room please she cautiously said to him, knowing that he doesn’t like to be told what to do.

You won’t tell me what to do. I’ll do whatever I want and I don’t want to go to my room. I'm going to watch TV the child answered, hissing, not even turning his face away from the plate.

Your father will be home soon. We don’t want to make him angry, do we? the mother answered quietly knowing that not only her husband will get mad but also her son will be furious because she was trying to command him.

You’re the one who’s making him angry because you’re stupid and you do everything wrong. I’ll tell him to beat you he said with a mean look in his eyes which scared the woman.

The woman asked herself what should she do. She knew her husband will come home drunk and mad at everything and everyone and he will probably beat her as he did every night. She was trying to protect her son even though he was becoming the same as his father. She saw how much rage there was in this little boy and it often frightened her.

She knew why her husband was angry. She knew he was angry and disappointed because he didn’t pass the psychological evaluation for a police officer years ago and he was forced to settle for a dead end job at the gas station. He was unhappy with their marriage although she tried hard to make him happy. She knew he didn’t want to marry her but he did because he wanted to do the right thing when she got pregnant after a couple of months of dating. He blamed her and their son for his misery.

And she knew her son was becoming like him because he loved his dad with all his heart and he was his hero. He was his role model even though he was beating his wife, yelling at her and humiliating her every day.

Suddenly the woman heard a car on their driveway and by the way the he stopped the car and closed the door she knew he wasn't in a good mood. She took dinner from the oven hoping that he would like what she cooked and her son looked at her smiling maliciously and ran to his room. He knew he'd better not be in his father’s way on an evening like this.

Where is my… dinner? The husband impatiently opened the front door and gracelessly took off his shoes. He walked to the kitchen and looked at his wife with disgust in his eyes. He almost fell to the floor because he missed the chair while sitting down which made him even angrier. The wife quickly put his plate on the table hoping that he won’t throw it at her like the day before.

What is this? Your cooking is garbage woman he said and threw a fork in her leg. She flinched grateful that it didn’t stab her and picked it up.

Are you stupid or what? he yelled at her. I’m not an animal, I eat with a fork, why isn’t there a stupid fork on the table? Stupid woman. She carefully gave him the fork afraid that he would stab her with it or a knife like he did a dozen times before. And give me a beer, I’m damn thirsty. She gave him a can of his favourite beer although he didn’t need it; he was already as drunk as he could get. He didn’t eat much; soon he stood up clumsily and went to the living room. He turned on the TV and watched sports while his wife was washing the dishes in the kitchen.

I want another beer he yelled after an hour or so. His wife didn’t bring him what he wanted immediately so he stood up and went searching for her. She wasn’t in the kitchen so he went to their bedroom. She wasn’t there either. Then he opened the door of his sons room. Where is your mother? he asked him.

I don’t know the boy replied quietly. He knew that his father won’t like the answer and he was scared.

Where is that bitch? I know you know where she is! the father yelled and grabbed his son by his hair and pulled him up from the chair. He slapped the boys face when his mother rushed in the room.

I’m here, I was in the bathroom she screamed scared for his son’s life. She grabbed her husbands hand and tried to push him away from the boy.

Don’t touch me bitch! Who do you think you are?! her husband shouted at her and pushed her in the hallway. She tried to run away from him towards the stairs where he caught her and grabbed her.

You won’t touch me ever again he said and pushed her. She fell down the stairs and lay motionless at the bottom, blood slowly spreading on the floor like a halo around her head.

This is a fictional story. If I have offended anyone I'm deeply sorry, it wasn't my intention to hurt anyone's feelings.

As always, constructive criticism is more than welcome.


  1. Brutal and sad. And you know if the son survives his childhood he'll likely be the same kind of monster.

  2. Wow... Well written. It saddens me to know there are actually people who are dealt cards just like these.

  3. This happens in many households....just that we don't get to know about it because the women tend to keep's time they started loving themselves enough to get themselves rid of this burden called husbands.

  4. I agree with Doria. Very challenging post (but in a good way). I think there are so many reasons people get trapped in these types of relationships. But not all husbands are burdens and not all domestic violence is physical or carried out only by men.

  5. Awesome writing of such a sad topic, great job...

  6. Wow. Very powerful. I wish he'd fallen on the floor! Of course, that wouldn't have helped the situation any. If only women got out before it's too late. So sad.

  7. Very well written. Good job of taking on a difficult subject.

  8. loved how u developed d characters in so limited space :)

  9. Great piece. I do not know if you have read my blog or not, but this type of life is much more real than you may think.

    I lived it, as a child... I can remember my dad stabbing my mom with utensils on many occassions... We lived in constant fear, tiptoeing... until she couldnt take it anymore and then she shot him, while we were all home.

    I started my blog because there were many things I needed to finally get out, I needed closure.

    Is all of this fiction for you or is there some factual base somewhere?

  10. @Robbie - I think the son is already a little monster.

    @Doria - I totally agree with you.

    @Caterpillar - It saddens me that things like this are happening and that some women don't manage to get away.

    @Happy frog and I - I know that sometimes the wife is the violent one.

    @Sandy - Thank you.

    @Jayne - Thank you, I agree with you.

    @Barbara - Thank you so much!

    @Nabanita - Thanks!

    @One Girl's Story - I discovered your blog just recently and I've read a piece or two, so I know about your tough childhood.
    I almost cried when I was reading your latest post. No one should go through something like this and I feel really bad for you.
    This is fictional piece, I've never experienced something like this. I got "inspired" by a photo I saw...

  11. I'm sure this is all too frequent an occurance in a lot of households. It's terrifying but beautifully written.

  12. That was an incredibly moveing post. Even though her son is already a monster and treats her so disrespectfully, she still loved him enough to sacrafice herself for him. This is not only a tradgic story of a heronie but the beauty and strength of a mothers love for her child. I'm glad you wrote about the blood spreading into a halo, because even though its the imagery is deeply chilling, it shows wjat a true angel she is.
    Thankyou posting this, its reminded me that we all don't think enough about domestic violence.

  13. You know I find it so interesting tht you can pull a story together from a photograph. That is a very creative thing.

    Interestingly enough, I was reading one of philips (domesticated bohemians) posts today, the one about the rose bush, and he said that blog was also created from a photo.

    seems you both have that ability in common. I am so happy I found your blog

  14. So cute your blog!
    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    THank you so much!

  15. Wow! You're an amazing writer. The story is a sad one, and I know that it isn't always fictional. And your talent lies in your ability to pull me into that fictional world, and see for myself, almost as if it were real.. Truly amazing. :)
    Thanks for checking out my blog.. I'm glad you liked it. :)

  16. Thanks for the posting you are great job for the visitors.

  17. Thanks for the share your personal story I really love this post and i think you are great.

  18. This happens in many households....just that we don't get to know about it because the women tend to keep quiet.

  19. this is a Very well written. Good job of taking on a difficult subject................