Sunday, 6 February 2011

The truth

In my previous post I wrote five facts about me. Four of them were false and only one was truth.

I tried to write down plausible lies and a weird truth. I managed to fool most of you which is quite a success, isn’t it?

I shall reveal the truth to those of you who are wondering which one wasn’t a lie…

Here we go… The truth is #2!

And now, let me explain the truth about these facts I wrote in previous post:

1.     I’m very afraid of snakes and I would never, ever touch one. I even panic if I see a picture of a snake.

2.     I really did break my big toe in the sand, but I have to explain… There was concrete under the sand and I kicked in the concrete while I was drawing a line. It makes more sense now, right? But I’m sure you would have all guessed it if I would tell you the whole story.

3.     I’m most certainly not afraid of hairdressers since my hair grows very (and by this I mean really very, very) fast. I’m always excided when I have an appointment at the hairdressers and I’m not afraid to experiment with my haircuts.

4.     I’m not allergic to peanuts.

5.     I’m (sadly) not fluent in French. But I wish I was because it is one of my favourite languages in the whole world.

Congrats to Baglady and Doria who guessed the truth! 


  1. I was sure it was the snake one. Damn it! ;)

  2. Yes! So glad I got it. I thought that it had to be the shortest one - we say more when we're trying to cover a lie than when we're telling the truth. It was succinct therefore it had to be true.

    Hope your toe wasn't too painful.

  3. Ah - I lie about French fluency, too. I'd like to be able to speak the language more fluently, but alas, there's never enough time/opportunity for practice.
    Thanks for following on Twitter - I have seen you around on the blog circuit, and have stopped by before. I'm going to throw my name up on the "People Who Read My Blog" thing now. ;)
    Hope your toe is feeling much better!

  4. Hey I think I guessed this one, high fives and huney Im glad you reminded me of the award, I promise I will get to it :)

  5. @Robbie & Chief - Sorry, but you really missed this one :) I'm terrified of snakes...

    @Baglady - Damn, I didn't know I was so obvious. Well, I won't make the same mistake next time.

    @Jayne - I would also like to be fluent in French and I hope I will be some day :)
    And thanks for following me :)

    @Doria - *high five*

  6. ahhh the truth shall set you free!lol. i was really convinced it was the snake..hmmm.. hope your big toe doesn't hurt anymore! :)

  7. Oooh that toe sounds painful - it made me wince! :-s

  8. I think we all wish we were fluent in French, such a sexy language! :)

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