Monday, 13 June 2011

Guest post 2: Watching by Doria

My lovely friend Doria (you can check out her blog here) wrote a fictional story for my series of guest posts on studying. Her story is lovely so I should stop babbling and let you read it…

She sat alone.  I could see her from afar.  I sat alone amongst the crowds of the cafe.  The smells of coffee and cakes filled the air.  The flowers swaying as the winds blew the trees.  I saw her hair blowing with the wind. Long locks of what I can only call a romantic gold.  The gold of candle light on a romantic night. My thoughts wandered as I tried to remember the last time I'd had a romantic night.  

I could see her mess strewn across her table.  Books of literature, history, mathematics and archeology.  Looking at all of her glory from afar I would never imagine her to be an archeologist.  Then again people never cease to amaze me, surprise me. 

I sat quietly ignoring the beeps and vibrates of the dreaded cell phone laying on the table.  I watched her study while I drank on my coffee for what seemed like hours.   Amazed with her ability to sit and block out the distractions of this big city.  As I sat in awe, she looked up. Looked around and stopped at my stare. Her eyes were as beautiful as the deepest blue seas. She smiled her best smile, closed her books and began packing them away. 

Her study was done, if only for today. It was time for her to let the distractions take over. 


  1. Thanks rebecca! GLad you liked it Starlight. Im always honored to be a guest on your blog *hugs*

  2. Doria..this such a lovely story. You and starlight have the power to let the words dance:) Kudos!

  3. Really enjoyed this post Doria, thanks for featuring it Starlight. I'm astounded at how much I am able to block out now when I need to concentrate, never used to be able to before.

  4. What a lovely vignette that sparks off so much imagination and back stories.