Wednesday, 29 June 2011


We’re both sitting at our desks studying, side by side. 

I study for the toughest exams this year, economics and statistics. To be honest, both exams are from last year when I was too lazy to sit down and study hard. If I don’t pass these two exams I’m stuck in my third year which isn’t what I want. I don’t like numbers and I’ve always been bad at mathematics and stuff like that. That’s why I’m studying political science, I’m good with words. 

He is studying for some exam which I don’t know exactly how it’s called, shame on me. Numbers are involved, that much I do know. I feel bad for not knowing the names of all the classes he’s taking; everything seems the same to me. I know it isn’t so but engineering is very far from my comfort zone. 

We don’t talk much, just a couple of words every few minutes but it’s good to know he’s here. I’m easily distracted so I’m happy to have someone who’s also studying around, it keeps up my motivation. 

I can’t wait for the 8th of July when all this will be over. 

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  1. One more week. You can do it. Only one more week. xo

  2. I'm pulling for you. You'll do fine and it will be all over soon.

  3. You are almost there! The finish line is in your sights! GO STARLIGHT! ***waves pom poms***

  4. Hi Starlight!

    Same here, I'm so poor in Mathematics too. *sobs*
    But you can do this.. just one more hurdle!

    much love,

    Andresa aka Maria

    P.S. I'm using another profile with my new blog. Hope you recognize me eh?:D

  5. Thank you all for your nice words and wishes. It means a lot to me and it's nice to have so many wonderful friends.