Monday, 14 March 2011

Growing up

Today is my 23rd birthday. I’m an adult now and lately I’ve noticed that everyone’s treating me as an adult. I’m all grown up and I’m the one responsible for myself. If I would do something wrong I would be the one who would be carrying the consequences.

You really know that you’re grown up when your parents treat you like an adult. A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at the dining table with my Mum and my sisters. I was talking with my Mum about something serious and my sisters were asking all sorts of questions and interrupting the conversation. At one moment I realised that not so very long ago I was the one sitting at the table with adults, asking stupid questions.

You also know that you’re really grown up when you’re living with someone and get very annoyed when she/he leaves breadcrumbs on the counter or when you find an empty milk carton in the refrigerator.

Another indicator of adulthood is also clothing (or lack of it). When we’re younger we wear something because it’s cool to wear it, no matter how weird it looks, how (un)comfortable it is and how (not) warm it is. Back in high school me and most of my friends wore All Stars (the regular ones, not the leather ones) in winter and it didn’t matter how much snow had fallen. Our winter jackets were way too short and we were freezing most of the time. Now you see us wearing warm winter boots, long winter coats and a few layers of clothes – it doesn’t matter how it looks (ok, it does, but not as much as it did back in high school) it has to be warm.  

So… I’m an adult by all the criteria and I can do whatever I want. And I really want a piece of cheesecake that Mr Starlight made for my birthday. 


  1. Yum yum, cheesecake!
    Enjoy the 20's Starlight! You are old enough to be a force to be reckoned with; but young enough to wonderful things!

  2. Happy birthday Starlight!!! Enjoy your birthday and to many more to come.

  3. Happy Birthday......may you have a great year ahead of you....enjoy, have fun on your special day..*hugs*

  4. Happy birthday, Starlight! Welcome to "adulthood". ;)

  5. Happy birthday, I loved the paragraph about sitting with your parents. It could have easily been longer. The ending is perfect, the child inside lives on. Yay!

  6. Happy Birthday. I'm rather envious of the cheesecake. The other sign of adulthood is seeing your old sweets and treats going up in price and complaining but buying them anyway ;)
    Hope you have a fab day.

  7. Happy Happy Birthday! Yes-2 Happy's! :)

  8. Happy Birthday again lady... dang.. All this time here I was thinking I was grown up. Oh well, maybe next year :)

  9. Happy belated birthday!!!
    I am sorry about the gray hair thing, I know how much that bothered me. The only solace i had when I found mine is that my brothers and my female cousins who are all younger than me, got theirs YEARS before I did :-)

    I know, I konw, I should not delight in others bad fortune. Anyway, I really enjoyed your blog, thank you for stopping by mine, I will definatley be checking you out on a regular basis.

    By the way, Another sign of knowing you are an adult, you start skipping weeknight outings with your friends because you would rather get 7 hours of sleep and NOT feel like crap the next day :-)

  10. Starlight- Happy Birthday!! The coat --or lack thereof-- thing made me laugh. Today it's cool to go out in the cold w/only a sweatshirt. Coats are not cool - at least according the middle and high school kids who refuse to even wear them.
    Welcome to adulthood. Don't let yourself get too grown up, though, that wouldn't be much fun!

  11. Thanks to everyone for your nice wishes and words; it means a lot to me. I will reply to each of you later today.

  12. I hope you had a very happy birthday and lots of the scrummy sounding home made cheesecake. :-)

  13. @Barbara - Thanks hun; Cheesecake was very delicious.

    @Asian Angel - Thank you.

    @Caterpillar - Thanks; I had an awesome day. *hugs*

    @Firespark - Thank you.

    @Robbie - Thanks!

    @Shopgirl - Thanks; I'm glad that you liked this post.

    @GoofyGirl - Thank you hug. *hug*

    @light208 - Thanks; I had a perfect day :)

    @Jewels - Thank you!

    @Doria - LoL, thanks :)

    @Hotel in Brugge - Thank you.

    @Rebecca - It was a perfect day.

    @One Girl's Story - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. And yes I agree with you, that's yet another sigh of adulthood (yeah I'm often too lazy to get out of the apartment...).

    @Jayne - Thank you! There's still a little (a bit spoiled) girl in me and she's not going anywhere, don't worry :)

  14. @Happy Frog and I - It was an awesome day and I just ate the last slice of the cheesecake... *sadface*

  15. Happy Birthday. I am happy that I do not have to be dolled up anymore. I have an excuse I am a grandma. Life has become easy.


    sorry i'm so late to greet you.. :( i do wish a real fantabulous 23d year of your life. i feel so lucky to have you as one of my friends. your're a true blessing. a sweet, smart, talented woman. may you have many more birthdays to come. read a lot. write more. continue to share your gifts. enjoy life!

    miss you!

  17. I've JUST seen your post! (Been catching up!) A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a wonderful time and Mr Starlight gave you the whole cheesecake. I felt grown up at 23, it was a bit of a milestone - just like 25 was. I'm not sure I'm ready to be 26... but we shall see! x