Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

One of my friends surprised me for my birthday with a wonderful Versatile Blogger Award. She wrote the first ever guest post I hosted a couple of weeks ago about her amazing Grandma Polly. You probably guessed by now that I’m talking about Barbara whose thoughts you can read on Notes from the second half. Barbara, thank you again!

In order to accept this award I should write 7 things about me and pass the award to 7 bloggers. Two very hard tasks since I’ve done this a couple of times before, but I’ll give it a try.

Here are 7 facts (random and in no particular order) about me:

  • I’m a cat person and I don’t like dogs. I’ve been bitten by dog twice (once in my eye and it almost lost eyesight and the second time I was bitten in my calf) and I think that’s a pretty good reason for not being fond of dogs. And it’s also a good reason for being afraid of them.

  • I have a clear picture of how and when things should be done and get very upset, disturbed and even angry when things are not done the right way (which is my way, of course). You can call me a control freak.

  • I love turtles. I have two at my parent’s house where they have their own space in our garden. They are lovely.

  • I love wearing big rings, different shapes and colours.

  • I Tweet. A year ago I was very sceptical about Twitter and didn’t like it but then I gave it a chance and now I love it. My username is @ShinyStarlight if you want to follow me.

  • I love Grey’s Anatomy and watch it on a regular basis.

  • My dream car is an Aston Martin V12 Vantage. No words needed.  

The first part of my job is done and it wasn’t as tough as the last time. But the hardest part is to choosing 7 bloggers. The last couple of times I got the awards I passed them to everyone but this time I’ll follow the rules and pick out seven bloggers:

Mission accomplished. 


  1. Congratulations!! Happy belated birthday! Have a beautiful day!

  2. You are very talented and versatile! And most welcome.

  3. Yay Congrats, thanks for the award also, stay tuned for my post. Always love yours. :)

  4. that's seriously awesome. keep up the great work

  5. Happy birthay! and congratulations for the award!

  6. @Rita - Thanks hun! *hugs*

    @Barbara - Thank you so much.

    @Doria - Thanks, can't wait to read 7 facts about you :)

    @Arcita - Thank you :)

    @Nabo - Thank you so much and thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  7. Congratulations on your award and thank you for thinking of me. I have already received the award I am afraid but I am working on answering 7 questions in 7 posts that I have been asked. So that should start in the next couple of weeks. x

  8. congrats on yet another award and thank you for passing me the honor. :) God knows i have a lot of tags i need to post.. time will come i will have the chance to blog about them.

    Starlight, THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH. sorry also if you may no longer feel my presence unlike before.. i'll have my comeback, promise. you're one of the friends i've met thru blogging and i truly treasure. take care always T.

    much love,

  9. @Rebecca - You're welcome hun :)

    @Happy Frog and I - Well, it seems that I'm not the only one who thinks that you really deserve this award :)

    @Maria - Hun, don't worry about anything. I know you're going through some tough phase in your life and I don't blame you for not being present all the time. You should get your life in order and find your happiness... I'll be here, I'm not going anywhere :) *hugs*

  10. Hey there...belated Birthday wishes....sorry I've not been around for some time...and thanks for the award. It was a nice surprise...:)
    And though I like dogs better than cats, i don't blame you for disliking dogs. Who wouldn't, when they've had a bad experience like you...? And right now, I'm in the sceptical stage about Twitter as well...

  11. Hmm... I posted a comment yesterday saying thank you and it never appeared...bizarre!! Anywho, thanks again for the wonderful award!!! I will be passing it along shortly :)

  12. @Caterpillar - Thanks for your wishes. What's going on with you and Twitter? I noticed you don't use it any more...

    @A life of color - I didn't saw your previous comment but luckily this one came through. =)

  13. Sorry I'm so late getting back to you. (Hope you had a fantastic birthday!)... I'm finally back home again and able to get back to "normal" (whatever the hell that is...)
    Thank you so much! ♥