Monday, 7 March 2011

You can be your own inspiration - Inspiration Monday guest post

This is the second Inspiration Monday. Since I started blogging I came across some wonderful women who inspired me somehow and today I’ll give voice to one of those amazing women.

When I decided to do guest posts about inspiration I instantly knew I wanted Rita to write a post for me. For those who don’t know her yet – you should really check out her blog The adventures of Cinderita.

She is an amazing woman whose life story is astonishing, sad, and full of hope and beauty at the same time. Her posts are always full of joy and inspiration. She IS an inspiration and the way she lives her life is inspiring.

She made me so very happy by saying yes when I asked her if she would be so kind to do me the honour of being a guest on my blog. Not only is she an inspirational person, she’s also incredibly nice and positive.

Now I think it’s time for me to stop stalling and give the “pen” over to Rita:

When Starlight asked me to write a post about inspiration, all I could do was smile. Inspiration is right up there in the English language for me, right along with Serendipity and Love. 3 of my most favorite words.

How do I tell you about what keeps me inspired? Or what inspired me? Or how I continue to be inspired? Well, it all boils down to the extraordinary people I have in my life that keep me inspired. What keeps me inspired is my life and how I choose to live it. I am inspired, often (not always) by my own life. What does that mean? Well, its like when I do something so far out of my element of comfort, or when I have a conversation with someone that I am uncomfortable having, I do that because I have a commitment to myself and to the person I am in a relationship with to grow the relationship in such a way that it inspires other people to want that for themselves and their relationships. I venture to say that my commitment in life is often just to inspire someone to greatness. Whatever that means for them.

Its funny how it works too because what ends up happening is I will receive an email, or a phone call, text or some other form of communication from a friend or a blog follower or even sometimes a complete stranger who will share that they were inspired by something that I wrote. One of my favorite moments was when Starlight sent me a Twitter message letting me know that she had started her own life list and had 27 items on it. I didn't even know she had read that particular post.  That is the kind of stuff that keeps me inspired. That is what keeps the inspiration alive for me.

Now, that's not to say that I need outside circumstances to keep me inspired. That is simply one aspect of it. What drives my inspiration is me. I can't possibly have an intention to inspire others if I am not inspired by my own self first. That is why I keep a Life List. That is why I do things that are uncomfortable or scary for me. That is why I am willing to look like a fool in the name of love. That is why I do things that sometimes annoy or piss off other people because sometimes I'm too happy, upbeat, joyful, and full of ideas. Because for me not to, would be me giving up on my own life.

Now what drives all of that? Well, it’s true. I am a human being so therefore am not always able to keep myself going. I can't always stay inspired on my own. There really isn't anything that we can do alone in this life (except maybe die). So what keeps me inspired to be inspired are the amazing people I am blessed to have in my life. Friends who push me past my own level of comfort. Friends who have made me fall in love with them, over and over and over again because they did something that scared them. Friends who take on really big things because sometimes they ask themselves "what would Rita do?” Friends who are willing to stretch themselves way past their own comfort zones because it matters that much to them. That is what keeps me inspired.

Or when my nephews sit in my lap to read them a story. They inspired love in me I didn't even know I had. They just want me to love them and play with them. And sometimes all I can do is love them, but it’s from a place deep inside my soul I want describe. I didn't know the capacity I had to love until they were born. It’s like they made something else possible for me.

What else? Well I don't think I could get away from saying that what inspires me the most is watching people love each other. I love to be witness to weddings, or couples sharing a kiss, or a dad with their child, or when adversity brings people together. I am inspired by the love human beings ultimately have for other human beings.

That is what moves me.

(PS a very big thank you to Starlight for asking me to take over her blog today.  It means a lot to me and I know that it meant a lot to her.  Starlight thank you for being a ray of sunshine in everyday) xo


  1. Wow. Such a beautiful introduction. Thank you T for being so generous and letting me share your blog space with you. It warms my heart to know that when I share, it makes a difference for you. And you should know that it made a difference for me to be asked to write something for you. Thank you. xoxo

  2. Hi Starlight, I am enjoying your guest post series on inspiration. Rita I will be checking out your blog. I like the sound of your life list. I try and find weekly positives from my life and share them on mine. I agree that people have to find inspiration in themselves as much as the people around them.

  3. Happy Frog and I, I have to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name you use! It makes me smile! I will come over to your place once I am home today. And thank you for coming by. If you have a chance, read "I think you missed a spot" which can be found under "The Ones you Love" on the right on my blog. It is all about the life list. Yay!

    Thanks FV!! xo

  4. Wonderful guest post Rita-knew it would be. Inspiration can come in so many forms for so many people but I love your inspiration from love-who isn't moved when their niece/nephew/child/pet/mother/father/sister/brother--you get the unconditional love that just swells inside your heart!? LOVE IT.

  5. Thanks Jewels! I knew you'd get it. xo

  6. starlight I miss you!! and I miss reading your posts. gosh i think i have so much to catch up on to. enjoyed reading this truly inspiring post. i'm so excited to check on Rita's life list too! :)

  7. OH Yeah Lovely this post and nice idea so thanks

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  9. What great story i love this post and i will say to thank you for the posting.

  10. Thank you Maria. I loved seeing you stop by my place as well! Starlight's pretty amazing.

    @Romantisch Hotel Brugge - Thank you. I enjoyed writing it.

    @Romantic Dinner - Oh I'm glad you found it useful! awesome!

    @Online Travel Tourism - So glad you liked it. Thank you.

    Starlight..thank you once again. It was my pleasure. I hope you'll consider writing something for me sometime soon. xo

  11. @Cinderita - I'm very honoured that you wrote such a nice post for my blog and thank you so much for being so inspiring! You are a sunshine :)
    Thank you once again! I would love to write something for you, it would be a huge honour. :*

    @Happy Frog and I - I'm glad that you're enjoying the Inspiration series! I'm really glad that I can "introduce" one brilliant blogger to another.

    @The Frisky Virgin - It is lovely, isn't it? :)

    @Jewels - It seems that we both knew that Rita would write a wonderful post, heh? :)

    @Maria - I miss you too and I'm really glad that you're back! And yes, do check Rita's blog it's all worth reading.

    @Romantisch Hotel Brugge - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It is lovely, isn't it? :)

    @Romantic Dinner - I'm glad that you liked the idea about guest posts, thanks.

    @Online Travel Tourism - I'm really glad that you liked the story.

  12. I loved listening to your inspiration, Rita, I could really feel the energy you have and your passion for love and life ooze off the page, and I thank Starlight for introducing me to you.
    I'm off to check out the blog! :)

  13. Oh Bth how sweet. Thank you for coming by and reading this post. Starlight is amazingly generous to share her space with me. I am glad to hear you found some inspiration in this post. Yes please do come by my place as well. I look forward to your visit.