Saturday, 23 October 2010

Are women shallow materialists or are we the best psychologists for ourselves?

There’s one thing that’s been rolling in my mind for quite a while now… It could easily be called a phenomenon, I think…

Girls I bet this has already happened to most of you: You have had a bad day and somewhere along the way you found yourself in the middle of the store with new shoes/jacket/purse/lipstick/nail polish in your hand. And buying that thing made you feel better.
Does that mean that we’re shallow materialists who feel better after buying some (usually completely unnecessary) stuff?

I bet Freud would have an interesting opinion on that topic. But it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it matters what you think! And of course, how you feel :)
I would say NO, we’re neither shallow nor materialists. Everyone should know themselves best and should know what makes them feel better, whether it’s a new pair of gorgeous shoes or just going hiking. We’re all different and everyone finds comfort in something else. It’s important that we know what makes us feel better.

Also, there’s another positive side to new things that we buy. Usually, other women notice the new item and are usually so kind as to give us a nice compliment about it. And this compliment makes us happy.

It seems like every argument is in favour of treating ourselves from time to time, so girls, don’t feel bad about it :)


  1. I agree! I general I try not to buy things I don't need in an attempt to limit my impact on the environment. But... sometimes nothing beats a little treat of something beautiful. Does that makes us womens materialistic. No I don't think so unless you've got an out of control shopping habit.
    Thanks for visiting my page - love your writing and looking forward to following your blog.

  2. Yeah, sometimes it's great to buy yourself a little present :) I also do it sometimes (usually it's nail polish which I adore)...
    And thanks for reading and commenting my blog :) I love reading yours (can't wait to read another one) =)