Monday, 25 October 2010


I’m a very moody person and bad weather makes me cranky and sulky. I love the sun and it gives me lots of energy. I’m like a plant which needs sun for growing (though, sadly, I don’t grow anymore). I would say I’m also a summer person since I love hot weather and above 30°C for me is just right.
Today it was raining and I was so freaking happy I didn’t have to leave the apartment. I hate going out in the rain because somehow I always end up being wet.
In high school I always came to class wet up to my knees and I’m still wondering how that happened. It’s a total mystery. It would be ok if this would have happened on rare occasions when I had my crazy moment and I would jump in every puddle I saw but no, this happened every time it rained. That was the reason why I often pretended to be sick on rainy days back in high school so I could stay at home. Luckily, i don't get drenched that often anymore. That’s why I think the reason for always getting wet was that I was wearing bell pants that were way to long, but I’m not sure about that.

It also happens all the time (this actually still happens!!!) that I have one wet shoulder because my umbrella is a small cheap piece of shit. I don’t buy expensive umbrellas because I always leave them somewhere, that’s why I had about a thousand different umbrellas in my life.
But I would love to have a huge colourful umbrella like the one on the picture for two reasons. First, I wouldn’t have wet shoulders if it was big enough. And second, it would make my day less grey and would make me happier. But I want an umbrella that folds, it’s much more practical. 

And the most annoying thing about rain is that sometimes it starts to rain in the middle of the day despite the sunny morning. This happened to me this summer in Paris. The morning was beautiful and sunny so we didn’t take the umbrella with us when we left the hotel. I expected a wonderful first day in Paris but when we came to the Eiffel tower it started to rain so we waited under the trees until it stopped and decided that we’ll go on the tower another day and we went to the Hotel des invalides. Somewhere on the way it started to rain and when we came there we were pretty much wet so we decided to go back to the hotel and change our clothes. But we couldn’t find the metro station and in the middle of searching for the damn station it started to rain very heavily. It never rained so heavily in my entire life. When we finally found the metro station we were completely wet, even down to our underwear. I had to wring my hair and it was like I would just come out of the shower. I felt like a cat thrown into the water. And I looked like one too.

I really hate rain… 


  1. Just think... had you bottled that rain water in Paris you could have made THOUSANDS of dollars in America selling it to neurotic suburban housewives.
    "Paris Rainwater"... tell 'um it cures wrinkles, or fixes damaged hair... you'd be a millionaire! The neurotic suburban housewives here eat that shit up like you wouldn't believe!!

  2. That's great idea! Will absolutely do it this happens again. Though I hope it won't, I would like to have nicer weather next time I'm in Paris :)