Thursday, 21 October 2010

I'm a virgin

I’m brand new blogger and this my first time :)  I have many interests and none of them outstanding, so I’ll write about different things…. Those of you who like some kind of red line in blogs – you can stop reading here. And thanks for your attention :)

The ones who are still reading, thank you… and I hope I’ll be fun or interesting enough to keep your attention in the long run. =)

First thing I would like to share with you - well it’s not a thing it’s more of a though - is my fascination with blogs. It’s amazing how anyone can have his or her own audience (in a way), how anyone can write just about anything… And there’s another amazing thing – we can all find blogs which interest us and we find them fun enough to read posts from other authors and learn/find out something new… I see a blog as a kind of a diary; except here we can all get some kind of feedback (at least I hope I will).
So this is basically my diary where I can whine about life and everyday stuff that’s bothering me or… Don't worry, I'm not planning to whine all the time, just now and then :)  I hope I can get some good advice or critics or at least something so I’ll know someone is reading this =) 
If not… ok than I’ll just have this as my on-line diary…

We’ll it looks like I’m not a virgin anymore – I posted my first blog :)


  1. my pumpkin:) i´m glad that you have decided to try/do/write something like this. it may be very useful and helpful for you and also for the others:)good idea:) and are not a virgin anymore:) *

  2. Hi:)

    well as u can see i'm your new stalker ;)
    I never thought i'll start blogging but here i am :) just for you :) hehe :) i only know u for hmm..two years now..but i think this will be good for you..never stop and never give up. U have a lot to offer to the world ;)

    xoxo ;)

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere! Always nice to see a new face. :-)

  4. Well, you've popped your cherry - well done. What next?

  5. Baglady, new blog is coming today :) I'm already working on it... =) Hope you'll like it :)