Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Pia and Klara

I have two little sisters; they’re 10 year old twins, Pia and Klara. They’re awesome and I love them with all my heart. They’re fraternal twins and they probably couldn’t be more different than they are.

I still remember the day they were born. It was the summer of 2000 and my mom had been in a hospital for a month already since it was a very risky pregnancy. I was 12 and I went to see her every day. One day my mom said she has contractions and I totally panicked. Dad also panicked a little bit but not as much as I did. The only calm person in the room was mom who stopped me when I wanted to call a doctor. She counted contractions and then she went to see a nurse and told her she’s having a baby. My dad took me home and went back to the hospital. They were born with a caesarean section the same day, on 2nd of August at 18.13 Klara and Pia at 18.14. When dad called me to tell me I have two little sisters he was crying and it was for the first time in my life I heard him cry. I was a very proud big sister. I still am.

They’re growing so fast and becoming big smart girls. As I already said they couldn’t be more unlike each other than they are.
Klara is a boyish girl. She had always wanted to be a boy. She has a short boyish haircut and always wears jeans and T-shirts. I have never seen her wearing a skirt. She’s very clever and very much protective of Pia. Klara loves sports; she trained basketball and loves playing football. She’s more into math than literature. She loves spending her time outside, riding a bike or shooting some hoops.  
On the other hand Pia is girlish. She has long dark blonde hair and loves dresses. She’s also more spoiled than Klara and loves to be in the centre of attention. Pia is more into literature than math and she’s more of an indoors type. She doesn’t like sports because she’s a bit lazy.

I always worry about their wellbeing. Once Klara fell from a 5 meter (approx. 16 feet) ledge and landed on her head. She was in the hospital and when I came there I was shocked. She had a very swollen eye and she could barely open it, a broken leg and bruises on her head. She also had a minor concussion but luckily it wasn’t anything more serious so she could go home after a day in the hospital.
Last Sunday Pia fell with roller skates and she broke her wrist, so she has plaster on her left hand. This kind of “accidents” happen all the time. They’re so damn clumsy and I wish they were more careful.

I feel I’m a bad sister since I’m studying in another town and I only go home for a weekend every now and then. I call them quite often but it’s hard to talk to them because I’m 22 and they’re 10. We have totally different interests and they’re childish. I can’t blame them for that, they still are children but I still feel bad about not being on the same page with them. I feel like I’m not there for them if they need me.

They’re very attached to each other and it’s hard for them to be apart. When Klara was in the hospital Pia couldn’t sleep because she’s used to having Klara in the same room.
They always fight with each other. It’s normal because they spend all the time together but on the other hand they always have each others back when someone’s against them. And I love the fact that they stand up for each other.

I wish we’ll have great relationships when they grow up. I want to see them often and talk to them about everything. I hope they’ll be able to tell me what’s going on in their life and we’ll talk about boys. And most of all I wish that they’ll understand I wasn’t a bad sister, that the age difference was the reason why we were not always on the same side.


  1. It sounds as if you are a great sister but they just don't know it yet. I am sure your sisters understand the concept of the age difference. Give it time. Because of your experience, whatever they may be doing you will have encouraging words for them I'm sure.

  2. Thanks for kind words, you're really an Angel :) I hope they'll understand things when they'll grow up, I don't blame them if they don't understand it now - they're very young =)