Friday, 26 November 2010

100 words: Winter dance

I look outside and I see the little white flakes falling down from the sky. They are really little and they are dancing in the air. Their dance from the clouds is magical.

I go on the balcony and stretch out my hand. A couple of little flakes lands on my palm and they melt immediately.

I look up in the sky and admire the work of the nature and this wonderful winter dance amuses me.

With the little white flakes comes the cold so I go back inside and watch this beautiful dance from the warmth of my apartment.


  1. this is a great post, standing within the constraints of 100 words, you've managed to draw an amazing picture of a winter day...

  2. With a 100-word limit, that was an awesome portrayal of a scene. I want to experience winter! I live in the tropics so no snow for me. Bummer.

  3. awesome post. I hate winter and snow! Have fun with that :))

  4. beautiful.
    the best part of winter is probably the possibility to watch it from the inside of our warm houses. when it's necessary to go out there it becomes a slightly worse matter...

  5. @Caterpillar - Thanks! It's hard to describe something with only 100 words, but I like challenges :)

    @WCOTFT - Thank you. You should travel in Switzerland in winter so you would experience winter time!

    @Doria - Thank you. I prefer summer but this post was inspired by the first snow in this winter.

    @Cupcake - Thanks. I'm a summer person but watching white landscape from the warmth of my apartment is nice. But I really hate one thing about snow - the slush!

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  7. I'm very much an autumn person, you know there is emotion in autumn sky that make me like it Just because I love autumn doesn't mean that I hate winter. No I can't hate it because I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and do trust God made it for our own good. Winter was dancing actually can be described the spirit of change is in the air for me.I've always thought of winter as a great time to change things up because we are approaching NEW YEAR.

    I suppose this post was a good one and I'd love to hear what you think about this season on the next post!

    Love always,

  8. This is fantastic! I can almost see and feel the snow falling into my palm. Thank you!

  9. Thanks Stefanie. You're welcome to become my follower :)