Monday, 22 November 2010

Going home

This weekend I went back home and I spent a really nice weekend with my family. Though I feel bad because I didn’t do any work for my studies at all. But I’m not sorry about it because I really love spending time with Pia and Klara. They are my little sisters and I already wrote a blog about them.

The centre of our house is our living room/kitchen/dining room. It’s a big open space stretching through half of the floor. This is the space where we hang out, where we have our holiday dinners and  Sunday lunch. This is the place where I watched my little sisters grow up (they’re not so little anymore but they will always be my little sisters).

I love the moment when I walk into this room after being away from home for three weeks. It’s always the same sight. I walk in and yell out “Hellooooo, I’m hooomeeee.” In the next moment Pia and Klara run out of their room and jump on me smiling and yelling “Taja, Taja, Taja, you’re home.” We hug each other for a minute or two and I’m always surprised about how much they’ve grow since I last saw them. I’m realizing that they’re growing up and that they have become intelligent and beautiful young girls.

After this very emotional moment my Mom usually comes to hug me, smiling. We’re all happy that I’m at home.

Last Friday was the same old story except that I came home a bit earlier than I  usually do so we had the whole afternoon to spend together. But my sisters always fight and just when Mom wanted to go out they started yelling and Pia fell on the floor which pissed Mom out because Pia had just recovered from a broken wrist. I told Mom to go out and that I’ll handle the situation. I knew that I’ve reported for mission impossible. But surprisingly after half an hour of talking to them I managed to solve the argument. You can’t imagine how hard it was.

When they were calmed Klara asked if we could watch a movie and I made pop corn with cheese. We had so much fun watching TV and we laughed all the time.

In one moment became very cold so I asked Pia and Klara if they know where I can find Moms cardigan or something to put on. Klara instantly said that she’ll find it for me and after a minute she came back with her favourite blanket. That really touched me because Klara is very protective about her belongings and she’s usually very angry if someone’s touching them.

My parents were gone for the whole afternoon and they didn't returned home until 11p.m. so we had the living room just for ourselves. We had so much fun and we were up until midnight.

The next morning I woke up at 10 or so and Pia and Klara were already up but there was no sight of my parents. So I’ve made a breakfast for us and then they wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I can’t say no to them and I watched the movie with them instead of reading the literature for my studies.

We pretty much watched movies for the whole day and it was fun listening their comments. In one moment I started taking pictures of them with my BlackBerry and even Klara allowed me to take a pic of us. And after some time she even proposed to take a couple of pics of the three of us. That was really extraordinary because she never allows me to take a pic of us.

Saturday was gone in a flash and I was really sorry because I had to leave early in the morning on Sunday. So I kissed Pia and Klara goodbye because I knew they won’t be up the next morning when I’ll go. I was really sad for leaving them but I know that we’re having fun when I’m there and that we probably wouldn’t have so much fun if I was still living at home.


  1. sounds like a wonderfully warm, happy, crazy house! :)

  2. I'm glad you had fun....and what you said is true....the time spent with family seems to get over way too soon...

  3. Love the post. Sounds like a lot of fun! :) I enjoy taking days like that with my daughter! Am now following your blog! :)

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. Being home is just good for the soul... Study hard this week! Really nice post.

  5. @Jobonster - It's very much crazy, warm and happy :) I love my family though we have s

    @Caterpillar - Thanks, I hope you had a great weekend yourself!

    @Doria - Thanks for following me I hope you'll like my blog posts :)

    @Sandy - Thanks. And yes, I'll have to make up for the weekend with my studies :/

  6. Oh, I somehow deleted a part of my comment...

    @Jobonster - It's very much crazy, warm and happy house :) I love my family though we have some arguments now and then but I know that they're there for me anytime I need help.

  7. sister time is so special to have. I have two little sisters who are 20 & 21 but they will always be my little sisters!

  8. That sounds like an awesome weekend. :-)

  9. It's good to relax and have fun from time to time...NO TO STUDIES! Just kidding. :)

  10. "they’re not so little anymore but they will always be my little sisters"

    My little brother is 36 and stands at 6'4.... but he is still my little brother. That will never change. :)

  11. @Fickle Cattle - It was an awesome weekend indeed.

    @WCOTFT - I agree, otherwise we would burn out.

    @GoofyGirl - My sisters are almost as tall as me, but yeah, the high doesn't matter and it never won't :)

  12. just read this.. you know what i think i had almost the same weekend like you did. i saw my sisters too, but it wasn't me who came home, they visited me and we had fun. like your sisters, they also fight a lot and they're taller than me now!i even blogged about them too. hahaha