Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Three beautiful things: Comments, lunch, Mr. Starlight

I’ve got some really bad news today and the weather is awful so I had a pretty bad day. But since I’m trying to be a more positive person I’ve decided to write a 3BT blog and find at least three highlights of my day…

1. Comments I’ve got from my readers on my yesterday's blog. It seems people like my stories since I’ve got a couple of nice comments saying they want more. I’m really grateful to all of you for supporting me!

2. I’ve had a nice lunch with Mr. Starlight and my good friend T., they got me in a better mood, so really thank you guys, you’re great.

3. Mr. Starlight. He’s always there for me. When I got the bad news today he knew what to do… He was quiet and listened to me yelling and screaming and he let me be angry and upset. Then he hugged me and told me everything’s going to be ok. I don’t know what I would do without him, he’s always there for me and doesn’t give up on me even when I’m as bitchy as I can be sometimes…


  1. Starlight, I hope whatever the bad news was, it sorts itself out, and you will feel better... *hug*

  2. Hope your day has picked up and that everything works out. I'm sure a hug and the right words from Mr Starlight can make most things better.

  3. @Caterpillar - Thanks, I hope I'll manage to find a solution somehow... I'm already feeling much better but the problem it's still here :/

    @Baglady - Mr. Starlight always manages to make me feel better and helps me find the best solution.

  4. I like your blogs, I hope you will have a better day tomorrow.

  5. Sending hugs for what ails you and bravo for writing a positive post today....hang in there !

  6. It's good to have things to look forward to tomorrow :) hope that I'll have Ms.Cherry on the freakin' top someday. :)

  7. @Shopgirl - Thanks for following me and for reading and liking my blogs! I'm hoping for a good news today, but we'll see...

    @Jules - Thanks for hugs, it means a lot to me! It seems like I found a couple of "friends" here :)

    @WCOTFT (I hope you don't mind I shortened your nickname again...) - I believe that there is a perfect person for everyone out there we just have to find them. I'm sure you'll have Ms. Cherry on the freakin' top someday, have your eyes open! :)

  8. starlight, i hope things get better for you..
    actually i just tagged you in a post. you're supposed to answer 10 questions and tag people to answer it too. i did just that and you're one of the bloggers i tagged. you do the post anytime you want.. and if you do,let me know, i'll be happy to read your answers.:)