Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I used to read a lot. Back in primary school I read a book every day. Or at least one book in two days. Now I don’t read as much as I did back then. Usually my excuse is that I don’t have the time for reading because I have a lot of work for my studies. But I have to be honest. It’s not that I don’t have the time it’s that I don’t find the time for reading.
Usually after I’m done with all the work I have to do for my studies I watch some series; a lot of them to be honest. I watch Bones, House, Gossip girl, Dexter, Grey’s anatomy, Big bang theory, How I met your mother and Desperate housewives. Two years ago I was watching 15 series per week which means I spent 15 hours per week watching series. Don’t call me crazy, please. I know, instead of watching series I could read some quality books.
I wouldn’t read as much when I was a kid if my parents would listen to me and get me internet. I can see my 10 year old sisters being at the computer for a whole day. Kids stopped reading which is terrible. A couple of months ago I made a suggestion to my sisters to read a really good book which I loved when I was a child. When I asked them a month later if they have read it they asked me why they should read it. I told them, again, that it’s a great book really worth reading. Then they told me that they borrowed it from the library and had it at home for a month because they thought I wanted to read it. And that they’re not interested in reading that particular book. I was disappointed. Not with them but with the fact that kids prefer doing stupid stuff on the internet instead of reading a good book. Though I was touched because they borrowed a book for me.
I know I don’t have the right to judge those kids. I’m the same. I write blogs and read a lot of them, I watch series and do all sorts of stupid stuff instead of getting myself a big cup of tea, sitting on the sofa and reading a good book.


  1. hmmm.....it's true that fewer kids read these days...and it's sad that we don't spend as much time reading as before. I remember how excited I used to be every time I visited the library while back in college. These days, it takes me months altogether to finish reading a book.

  2. Not only do kids not want to really read anymore... but whatever happened to playing outside? Step away from the freakin' video games and go outside to play and get some fresh air!!!!!! lol

  3. @Caterpillar - Yeah, same here, it takes me ages to finish a book though I love it. I've really changed and I don't like it.

    @Jobonster - That's true. Kids should start eating healthy food, reading books and play outside :) Wouldn't that be awesome, just like in old times we did :)