Monday, 1 November 2010

Living in a dorm

I used to live in a dorm. In Slovenia dorms are a bit different than in the States. We only have one student campus or at least something that is called a student campus. The dorm I was in is quite luxurious compared to others and it’s not in that campus. It is the newest in Ljubljana, built in 2004. It consists of two big red buildings and there are four floors in each one. Inside its very sterile and my friend once compared it with a mental hospital because it is so clean… which I liked. Not the comparison with a mental hospital but the fact that it was clean.

Inside there are suites mostly with two rooms, kitchen and a bathroom. There are two persons in each room which means that four people share a suite. Kitchen was very nice; we had a big window and a nice tree in front of it. But the bathroom on the other hand was very small, too small for four girls if you ask me. Each one had two small shelves which wasn’t enough for all our things. But we had to deal with it. In my opinion rooms could be bigger but it was much better than in some other dorms I saw.
When I moved in I got three roommates. The one living in the room with me was Romina and girls in the next room were Martina and Tadeja. They were all very nice and fun girls so it was easy for me to adjust to a new way of life. It was the first time I was living away from home.
Romina was a great roommate – we both hated early rising so she didn’t make loud noises when she had to get up early. It was a different story when she came home late after partying. She tried to be quiet very much but it didn’t go well so usually she woke me up. I know it wasn’t her intention and it was fun seeing her wasted. It was nice having her as a roommate and I was sad when she moved to another dorm.
Martina and Tadeja were quiet girls and they both liked cleaning so we always had a very clean suite. We didn’t hang out much and after a couple of months I spent less and less time in the dorm because I was more or less at my ex-boyfriends place.

It was difficult for me to adjust to living with total strangers. When you live with someone you have to adapt to him and it’s easier if you know your roommates habits. I was never totally comfortable with living with total strangers and that’s why I spent most of my time away from the dorm. And don’t get me wrong, the girls were great and there was nothing wrong with them or with our relationship. It’s just that I’m more comfortable living with someone who I know and I trust. That’s why I decided to move in with my boyfriend.
Living with him is awesome that’s why I think this theme deserves it’s own blog.


  1. I'd like to think that I'm not a hard person to live with and thankfully my husband doesn't see me as such. However, my best friend once lived with me when she found herself in a spot of needing a place to crash. WHOA! It lasted 6 months before I told her she had to get the hell out because if she didn't, we risked our friendship! Maybe because I was too controlling (I hate clutter, etc) or maybe because she was too inconsiderate.... whichever it was.... it didn't work out! lol

  2. I think I'm quite adjustable but a dorm just wasn't for me. I like living on my own with my boyfriend.
    And about your friend - I think you did the right thing, sometimes it's best not to live with your friends if you want to stay friends.

  3. I have lived with exes and am with roommates right now. I prefer the roommate situation if I am able to find roommates that are somewhat like me. My current roommates are my complete opposites so I am kind of letting things go knowing that my stay will not be long.

  4. @Asian Angel - I've been reading your blogs and noticed that you have some problems with your roommates. I hope it's not too hard living with them.

  5. Hellow....never really stayed away from home until I moved into a different city to be with my husband, aka, Prince Charming. But I have heard my sister go on and on about the fun she had staying at hostel and I wonder how it would have been if I had decided to do that!!!

  6. I have lived with over 30 people in my life so far, but the person I live with now... we have been housemates for about 9 years. No joke. We've both been in relationships (long term & short term), taken off for adventures, worked various jobs ... but we get on so well that we (as well as may of our mutual friends) refer to us as "common law housemates" and we often joke about the fateful day that he moves out or I sell the house. We know that neither of us will ever be as comfortable with another. I may love my boyfriend (who I will be visiting & living with this winter) , and my housemate loves his girlfriend, but... we're like peas in a pod.
    You're very lucky to have had a good experience with housemates/roommates. (AND your boyfriend!) 'cause more often than not it's horror stories that people tell in regards to all that.

  7. @Caterpillar - I think GoofyGirl is the most experienced here, she should tell you more about it and she's great at explaining things so I think you would have a feeling you're the one who lived with over 30 people in your life :)