Thursday, 11 November 2010

Why I love you...

I love you because you make me smile. With my weird sense of humour that’s not easy. But you’re good at that.

I love you because you understand me and don’t judge my weird habits or my beliefs. You’re not angry when I tell you how to do something just because I think it’s the right way.

I love you because you don’t always agree with me. That’s why we have our long conversations about things and we debate different topics. I love how you try to convince me that I’m wrong with reasonable arguments but I still don’t change my opinion. And you don’t mind it. I love you because you let me have my opinion.

I love you because you’re always there for me when I need you. You didn’t back out even when I had my worst moments, when I threw all my problems at you. You helped me, talked to me and stood by my side. I’m very grateful for that.

I love you because I still see those sparkles in your eyes when you look at me. And you still have that wonderful sweet smile.

I love you because you can deal with me. I’m not the easiest person to live with but you’re still here. You don’t kick me in my ass when I tell you that you have to do the dishes now, this moment and not a second later.

I love cuddling with you. It makes me feel safe, loved and wanted.

I love sleeping next to you. It’s one of the best feelings in the whole world  to fall asleep when you’re hugging me. And it’s also one of the best feelings in the world to wake up lying next to you and hug you when I wake up.

I love the fact that we can do anything together. Study, watch movies, cook, read books... 

I love you...


  1. Sounds so real, not perfect but somehow perfection. It is the flaws that make us human and when people love us fully, even our flaws that makes it real!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. aww.....this is such a sweet post...... very nice....

  3. @Jules - I believe that nothing and no one is perfect for everyone. But if you except someone with all his/hers flaws and you learn how to love them then he/she can be perfect for you.

    @Caterpillar - Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like my post :)

  4. too sweet and cheesy but i like it sooo much! :)