Saturday, 22 January 2011


A couple of days ago Asian Angel surprised me by passing the Life is good award on me. I’m sure you already guessed that I was really happy about it (and still am!). Asian Angel thank you so very much for thinking of me and giving me this award. For those of you, who haven’t noticed her blog, check it out.

The award comes with responsibilities:

1. First, thank and link back to the person that gave the award.
2. Answer the 10 survey questions
3. Pass the award along to other bloggers whom you think are fantastic.
4. Contact the bloggers you have chosen to let them know about the award

1.      If you blog anonymously, are you happy doing this?  If you aren't anonymous, do you wish you started out anonymously, so that you could be anonymous now? 

I write under a pseudonym but I don’t consider myself an anonymous blogger because sometimes I post my pictures and I write about myself. Also, I don’t hide my blog from people I know.
I wouldn’t change the way my blog is and the way I “represent” myself.

2.      Describe an incident that shows your inner stubborn side.  

I’m quite stubborn and it shows every time I have an argument with Mr. Starlight. I don’t recall a particular incident which would show my stubbornness though.

3.      What do you see when you really look at yourself in the mirror?  

I see a girl who is still a bit confused and doesn’t yet know exactly what she wants to do in/with her life. Sometimes she freaks out about this but usually she just goes with the flow (trying to control the flow so she knows where she’s headed).

4.      What is your favorite summer cold drink?

One would be lemonade and another one is probably some sweet and sour cocktail.

5.      When you take time for yourself, what do you do?

I read and write blogs. It frees my mind and it relaxes me.

6.      Is there something that you still want to accomplish in your life?
I want to accomplish a lot of things in my life. First, I want to finish my studies in the next 3 years. I would also like to write a novel some day.

7.      When you attended school, were you the class clown, the class overachiever, the shy person or always ditching?
That’s a tough one. I think I was a bit of a clown in high school but now at the university I’m just a normal, I would say average, student.

8.      If you close your eyes and want to visualize a very poignant moment in your life, what would you see? 
That would be the moment my grandfather died. And a couple of days after it happened. His death really devastated me.

9.      Is it easy for you to share your true self in your blog, or are you more comfortable writing posts about other people and events? 
Sometimes I write about myself and I don’t have a problem with it. Yes, sometimes it's tough to share my deepest feelings and thoughts but it’s somehow cathartic.
I find it much harder to write about other people because I don’t want the person I wrote about to see it and be angry with me.

10. If you had the choice to sit down and read a book or talk on the phone, which would you do and why? 

It depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to be alone and don’t want to talk to anyone but often I call my best friends and catch up with them since we’re all studying and don’t often find time to see each other.

Yesterday I got another award. The sweetest With cherry on the freakin' toppassed on me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. Thank you so very much. I also see it as an award for being such a good girl this week (I passed 2 exams!).
Everyone who hasn’t seen his blog yet – check it out, do follow him, he’s an amazing writer.

Thanks again to With cherry on the freakin' top and Asian Angel, it’s really sweet of you two to pass the award on me.

I think that all bloggers I follow are fantastic, so I would like to give those two awards to all of you. Please, do except them and pass them on.
(Because I’m passing the award to everyone who is reading this I won’t name all of you. It’s too much you awesome guys and girls!)


  1. congratulations! i'm also comfortable with the way i do things in my blog. i wish i could write more maturely though. sometimes when i get really crazy i want to just delete it. also use a pseudonym which is close to my real name. i wish certain people i know would find the time to read my blog but when they do, i wish they didn't. funny because i was a clown in high school too. remained to be in college, but with my boring course i got less

  2. First congratulations!
    Second I am so glad to have you as a support person in my life. You have been very encouraging in my efforts to blog. Thanks for passing along the awards and thanks for being there.

  3. @Maria - Thanks. I hope you will accept the award and answer to those questions I would love to read your answers.
    I love your blog and I can't imagine it different. It somehow shows who you are and I like it!

    @Barbara - Thank you so very much! You are always so kind, it feels like you just gave me a big hug :)
    I love your blog and I love stopping by, reading it and leaving a comment.

  4. COngrats lady, * hige fives* I lub your blog postings :))