Sunday, 23 January 2011

Road trip pt. 6 - London

After cruising through France, Belgium and The Netherlands we decided to go to London. Yes, you’ve read it right – London. We reserved a ferry and a hotel about 20km outside of London.

Mr. Starlight said: Why not, we’re pretty near so why shouldn’t we drive over there?

The ferry which took us to The United Kingdom. The "legendary" Norman Trader.

The view from our seats inside the ferry

The first few kilometres were a bit spooky. I know that some of you who are reading this are from the UK so I have a question for all of you: Do you know that you drive on the wrong side of the road? Don’t get me wrong – it was much fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

Me on the Piccadilly Circus

Me in front of the Tower Bridge

On the Trafalgar Square

This is how I look when I’m tired and hungry

The Westminster Palace; I love this building, it’s magnificent

Don’t mess with me ;)

The London Eye

Gluten-free chocolate cake from Marks and Spencer’s; it was unbelievably tasty.

I just figured out that we don’t have a lot of pictures from London. Don’t ask me why… So I decided that we’ll have to go back there soon because I want more pictures!
We really had an awesome time there and I loved it! I hope that the next time I come to the UK I’ll have a chance to meet some of my favorite bloggers ;)


  1. Glad you enjoyed your time in London :) I drove through Trafalgar Square tonight and was watching the visitors taking photos and having fun and thought I really need to spend more time in London as a tourist. If you come back to visit let me know - I don't live in London but often visit for work.

  2. OoOoOo I dont know why I read about your trip, lol, makes me so jealous! I'm going to do the same thing one day, take a long road trip thru Europe... Oh so lovely! Love the post.. JEALOUS!

  3. Wow..I'm hideously jealous. Love your photo of Westminster Palace. :)

  4. I love it. Love it. Love everything about it. And Westminster Abbey is one of my favorite buildings.

  5. Your pictures are just getting better and better. Driving on the left side does take some getting used to, but imagine people driving on that bridge between Honkong and China, they have to switch sides on the bridge!

    Lovely post. More?

  6. @Louba - We (sadly) often don't see the beauty of the country we live in because "it's our home".
    I will most definitively inform you when I'll come in the UK next time; I would love to meet you!

    @Doria : I hope you'll have a chance for a road trio around Europe some day, it's really beautiful!

    @WCOTFT - Thanks. Mr. Starlight took that picture; he actually took most of the pictures because I was too busy being impressed by everything I saw. =)

    @Cinderita - I also love London, it's amazing!

    @Shopgirl - Thanks. I think that Mr. Starlight should be a photographer since you all love all the pictures he took ;)
    I loved driving on the wrong side, it was a great experience. Next time I go there I want to drive on the wrong side of the street with the steering wheel on the wrong side, I'm sure it would be even better!

  7. Ahhhh, I am so jealous of these amazing pictures! I would love to visit there! I'm sure it was just fabulous!

  8. @GoofyGirl - Thank you so much! *hug*

    @Megan - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You're welcome to become a follower. The pictures were taken by Mr. Starlight (my boyfriend) and he's happy that you like them. :)

  9. nice photos! you look so cute in them esp the one with you were tired and the "don't mess with me" look :D

  10. Have been enjoying "following" your trip. You look like you are having so much fun. My favorite picture was The London Eye.

  11. I just HAD to read the London post! :)
    Nice to see you enjoyed it! Next time you pop over - must have a blogging meet up...?

  12. @Maria - Thanks. I express all my emotions with my face - I don't have to say anything, my face tells everything ;)

    @Barbara - Thanks, we had much fun indeed.

    @Bth - I would love to meet up with all of you it would be an honour.

  13. Adorable pics!!! You look so cute!!! I've never been to London, but it looks like fun--I watch so many BBC shows, I kinda feel like I should go and see where all of these places actually are over there.