Friday, 7 January 2011

Road trip pt. 3 - Almost in Paris

We hit the road again. Our next destination was Strasbourg, France, with a stop in a small (very very small) country lying  East of Switzerland, Liechtenstein.

St. Moritz to Strasbourg

It didn’t take us long to get to Vaduz (the capital city) since the whole country is 160.475 km2 (61.960sq mi). It was Sunday so nothing was going on and the whole country was sleeping so we took a couple of photos and walked through the city.

Vaduz Castle

Then we hit the road once again.

After couple of hours we arrived to France. I was a bit shocked because when we left Germany and entered France I saw garbage lying everywhere and everything was dirty. What I saw definitively wasn’t what I thought France would be. Luckily Mr. Starlight who was there before warned me that France isn’t the cleanest country in the world and that I shouldn’t be surprised if I would see some garbage lying on a parking lot or something (which I actually did!).

We spent the evening and the whole next day in Strasbourg, which is a wonderful city. I enjoyed it very much and I found out that Strasbourg isn’t as dirty as the suburban area was.

Notre Dame de Strasbourg

The river Ill

Me in Strasbourg

We took a boat ride through the city and it was magnificent.

For the next two days we were travelling towards Paris. Yes, the famous, romantic Paris.

On the way there we also stopped in Luxembourg, Luxembourg, which is also a very beautiful city (and country) but it was a cloudy day and we didn’t stay long because it started raining.

Me with a soldier in front of the palace in Luxembourg. It's a funny story: When I saw him I immediately wanted to take a picture with him, but he said no and I was really sad about it, and the next time we went by he whispered: "Just one picture". And here it is.

Just before Paris I saw this windmill and quickly snapped a picture out the window while we were driving and it turned out to be one of the best pictures of the whole trip.


  1. Such beautiful pictures...makes me want to pick up my bag and set out on a trip....:)

  2. Great post, I particularly enjoyed the fact that the soldier let you take the photo after all. He probably couldn't bear you looking so disappointed!

  3. Awesome pics, definately a jealous girl right now, lol. I love the pic of the windmill! And thats awesome you got 1 pic with the guard! Love the post! :)

  4. Hi! I wanted to stop by and thank you for coming by my blog the other day! You're pictures are amazing! I'm super jealous of your travels!

  5. I can't believe this, I just posted comment here last night and here we go again it's lost. I love your pictures esp. the ones with you in it! :)

  6. Fantastic - Strasbourg looks really cool. Glad the guard relented!

  7. Your trip sounds fabulous! I love the pictures of Stasbourg, I worked there as an au-pair years ago and I loved it. Looking at your pictures I've come over all nostalgic. Looking forward to the next instalment :)

  8. i wish i could join you in the future !

  9. Oh WOW! I love your picture of the windmill! Really enjoyed part three - your photos make the post really come to life. Makes me want a road trip through Europe!

  10. @Caterpillar - Thanks. You should go on a road trip it's really a great experience :)

    @Happy Frog - You can't imagine how happy I was that he allowed me to take a picture with him :)

    @Doria - Thanks :)YOu have to come to Europe some day, it's beautiful.

    @Katie - Thanks for stopping by and commenting, you're welcome to become a follower.

    @Shopgirl - I don't know what's going on with missing comments. I didn't delete it. Thanks for commenting again :)

    @Baglay - Thanks for commenting. Strasbourg is very beautiful city, you should go there and see it for yourself.

    @Louba - Thanks, it was a fantastic trip indeed.

    @Nadh - Thanks for commenting.

    @WCOTFT - Do it, you won't be sorry. :)

    @Bth - The picture of the windmill is gorgeous I love it and I'm very proud of it; I'm glad that you like it :) Go on a road trip, it's really a wonderful experience.