Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Road trip pt. 7 - The end

We decided that the best route back home would be south, along the Cote d'Azur and via Italy back to Slovenia.

Somewhere in France (don’t know where)

I was bored because we drove for over 800km that day so I found different ways of having fun. Messing with the GPS was one of them

The most beautiful sunset I saw in my life was in Provence (the picture doesn’t do it justice; it was much more magnificent)

 The market place in Aix en Provence on a Saturday morning. We bought lavender honey and some spices

Aix en Provence


On our way home we also had a short stop in Monaco. If you’re a car enthusiast you really should go there.

This is the starting point for Formula 1 Monaco Grand prix. When I saw these lines on the road I started jumping in the car and yelling. We were actually driving through the F1 circuit

The proof that we actually drove through the famous tunnel (for those of you who don’t watch F1 – this is the famous tunnel from the race)

Bugatti Veyron

Mercedes SLS-AMG

Rolls Royce Ghost

Aston Martin Rapide

Don’t be angry with me, I love cars and I was so impressed with seeing all these cars on the same day in such a short time.

We came to the end of our road trip. It was amazing and I would love to go again.

 Me in Monaco, the last picture taken on our road trip


  1. Aix looks absolutely beautiful. Would you recommend it?

  2. mmm, lavender honey. Delicious! Hurray for French markets, and I love Aix en Provence! Beautiful place.

  3. I've got a question. Is that place really called Nice or you just described the place nice?

  4. @Mr. London Street - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Aix is wonderful, I definitively recommend it. I want to go back to Provence and be there for 14 days or so.

    @Nikki - I still have a little bit of lavender honey ;) I love Provence and I wish we could stay longer but sadly we had to go home (I had exams soon after this trip), so we'll have to have a trip to Provence soon.

    @WCOTFT - It's a place called Nice and it't also nice there :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nice

  5. Great picture of you at the end of the trip. Have gotten used to seeing the updates of the pictures, kinda sad it is the end of the story.

  6. One day,I simply have to get to the Monaco Grand Prix. I'm very jealous that you were on the same streets. And I loved the pictures of cars - you can post as many of them as you like!

  7. @Barbara - Thanks. I'm also a bit sad that we came to the end of my series about our road trip... Sadly, but that's the way it is.

    @Sharon - You're full of surprises, I didn't know you're also into cars ;) Maybe we can see each other on the Monaco Grand Prix some day, I would also like to go there.

  8. Awesome! I loved those cars and all the wonderful photos. THanks for sharing Starlight. Can't wait til I can go on a trip like that! :))

  9. I love that the last photo was such a "nice" one of you. Perfect end to a wonderful trip.

  10. Glad your adventure ended well!

  11. i am soooo jealous! lol. that must have been a great experience. and i love the photos you posted as always..i'm not really into cars but for some reason i was at awe looking at them.. :)

  12. I have been to Nice and Monacco - and it is simply amazing (esp. the F1 circuit!) - really enjoyed looking at your fantastic photos! Loved your road trip - and found it fun joining you on it through your blog. :)

  13. @Doria - Thanks. I can't wait for you to go on a trip and write posts about it.

    @Baghabit - Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

    @Christine - Thanks!

    @Maria - It was an awesome experience I wish I could go back.

    @Bth - Thanks, I'm glad that you liked our trip and my posts about it.

  14. What beautiful pictures!!!! What I wouldn't give to see those views!! And the F1 pics had me all giddy!!!! Awesome!!

  15. Gorgeous pictures. Can I just be totally jealous of your trip? :)