Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Stylish blogger Award

I got a wonderful surprise today. An amazing blogger Caterpillar passed the Stylish blogger Award to me. Thank you so much Cat, it was a really nice surprise and I’m very grateful and honoured. (To all of you, who are reading this: Please check out her blog, she’s a very talented writer).

There are a couple of “duties” I have to perform in order to accept this award.

1.           Thank and link back to the person who gave this award to you which I already did.

2.           Share 7 things about yourself – This will be a though one (I know from experience) but I’ll give it a try:

               I.      I don’t like soft vegetables and fruit. A soft apple or carrot – no thanks, I’ll pass. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know, that’s just the way I’ve always been.

             II.      I'm against war and weapons but I like war movies and tv shows. In fact - Band of brothers is one of my favourite shows. That’s a weird combination I know.

            III.      My nails are always painted. Red, blue, violet, black, you name it. I feel like I’m not myself if my nails aren’t painted and I never go out of the apartment without paint on my nails.

         IV.      I’ve always wanted to become a writer. Maybe I will some day, who knows?

           V.      I have ugly handwriting and I’ve always justified it with the same sentence: “We, intelligent people, don’t care about our handwriting because it doesn’t really matter how we write.”

         VI.      Sleeping is my favourite hobby. I can fall asleep at any time of day and I really enjoy it.

        VII.      My sour taste didn’t develop properly so I can eat/drink extremely sour foods/drinks and taste just a little of the flavour. And that’s not very good for me, because I love sour tastes so something has to be really sour for me to taste it.

3.           Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers – I admit that I’ll cheat a bit. I won’t just nominate recently discovered bloggers but the ones who I think deserve the award:

Shopgirl - A blessing a day

Nikki - Nikki travels

4.         Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award – Will do it right after I publish this post.

I would like to say thank you again to Catrpillar and congratulate her and all the other bloggers who won this award.


  1. Hey Starlight...Congratulations, and it was a pleasure to pass it on to you.... :) *hugs*

  2. Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for thinking of me when choosing people to pass it on to! ***smiling really big***

  3. @Cat - Thanks for passing the award to me, it really means a lot to me. And again congrats for getting the award yourself :)

    @Barbara - You're welcome, you're a great writer and I really enjoy reading your posts.

  4. Wow. Thank you! What a sweet award!! The colours on your blog make me feel so welcome! it's lovely! congratulations on your award!!

  5. Congrats. I already read three of the blogs you suggest, but I'll get around to checking out some of the others.

  6. yay thanks for passing me the award!:) i also got the same award from the blogger formerly
    known as enigmatic mask but never got around to posting yet.( me so lazy! my commandment says do it now!lol):)

    i dream to be a writer too, not sure if fiction or non-fiction though. yea hopefully, someday somehow we will be!

    we share the same love for sleeping!Zzzzee? :)

  7. awe shucks *blushes* thanks lady and congrats congrats congrats.

  8. It has been great to learn a bit more about you, I do hope that 4 comes true for you, though you are already a writer in terms of what you are creating on your blog.

    Thank you very much for thinking of me as one of the people you wanted to have an award and come up with a list of 7 things about me. I did do a list of 30 things a while back, but if I can think of anything new I will be sure to post them and claim my award. May take some time though! x

  9. @Cinderita - Thank you! It's my pleasure to give you an award. And I'm glad that you felt welcome here on my blog :)

    @Robbie - Thanks. Do check out those other bloggers they are all great!

    @Maria - Your blog is very stylish, you deserve this award :) In a way we already are writers; as Happy Frog said: "though you are already a writer in terms of what you are creating on your blog."
    Sleeping rocks!!

    @Doria - I hope that this award made you feel at least a bit better after bad news you received yesterday.

    @Happy Frog - Thanks for seeing me as a writer it means a lot to me!
    Yeah you did write 30 things about you (I remember now)... in that case I think that I can allow you to accept the award without writing 7 things about you :)

  10. Starlight -

    Thank you so much for this award, sorry I am so late in stopping by and commenting. You've been so supportive and encouraging of everyone including myself, I just want to say you are awesome. Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!!!!! This totally made my day!!!!! *hugs*

    You have a wonderful blog, very much deserving of this award and many more!!!

  12. Thank you so much! :D Totally made my day too!