Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Road trip pt. 2 - On the way

I had my exams in June so I was too occupied with studying to even think about the road trip. From time to time Mr. Starlight told me about his plans and it sounded more and more interesting. I’m a very impatient person so I’m happy that I was busy with studying and I didn’t have time to be nervous and excited about the trip.

But then came July and I found out how many things I have to do before the trip. I was done with my exams so I started making lists. List of clothes I need to wash and pack; list of other things I have to take with me; list of places I wanted to see. Many lists.

Mr. Starlight showed me the final plan of our trip which made me very excited. So many new places to see; so many roads to drive through.

“It seems to me that this will take us more than a couple of days.” I pointed out.

“Well… yes. I think it will take us approximately three weeks.” He replied.

The D day came faster than I expected. On the 10th of July the car was packed, the bikes were on the roof and we were all set to go.

Our destination was Livigno, Italy where we slept the first night. Mr. Starlight’s father and I wanted to go through Italy but Mr. Starlight and his mom wanted to go through Austria and Germany and so it was.

This map is showing the plan of our route for the first day.

We had so much fun. Mr. Starlight’s parents were sitting on the back seats and they were singing along with the radio and “dancing” which surprised me at first but then I joined them in the front seat. Try to imagine that.

We had a few pee and food stops but otherwise we didn’t do any sightseeing until we arrived at our destination. Livigno is a small village at the Italian border with Switzerland. It’s a ski resort and a wonderful place for shopping. All shops are duty-free so you can buy perfumes, cosmetics, clothes, alcohol, tobacco and even gas  for very low prices (diesel was about 0,60€).

We arrived in the evening so we walked through the village and then we had a nice dinner in a beautiful small restaurant.

The next day we woke up early, ate breakfast and set off to St. Moritz which is a ski resort in the Swiss Alps. In St. Moritz we found a small parking lot where we took the bikes off the roof and we hugged good-bye.

I was sad and because we were separating – Mr. Starlight’s parents were going back towards Austria and we were headed toward France, I was also a bit worried about Mr. Starlight’s parents because we were leaving them alone with their bikes in the middle of nowhere (ok, it wasn’t in the middle of nowhere it was in Swiss Alps but I’m sure you get my point).

After taking a couple of photos and a lot of hugs they left us in the parking lot by the Lake St. Moritz.


  1. Awe the Swiss Alps... I want to go! :) Awesome photos!

  2. Lovely post and beautiful pictures. Is that you?

  3. Hey, is that you? This series is getting interesting... :)

  4. @Doria - We just drove through Switzerland but I enjoyed it very much; it's a really beautiful country.

    @Shopgirl & Caterpillar - Thanks, yep that's me. It was shiny that's why I'm squinting :)

  5. Starlight, I really enjoyed your trip - made me laugh thinking of you all bopping in the car - (did it rock!?) Brilliant photos - next installment please! ;-)

  6. Its nice to finally see you in your pics:) I love the pictures!

  7. I would enjoy a drive through Switzerland... Ive never gone far from home, Switzerland would be a dream come true!

  8. @Bth - It did rock, we had a really fun trip. :)

    @SunnyToast - Your pics are much nicer than mine but thanks anyway :)

    @Doria - Oh no, France would be a dream come true, believe me. (will write about it soon)

  9. road trips! OMG. i feel like this is the one thing very physically exhausting that i wouldn't tire doing. and you went to Italy? ahhh i want to go there to!lol. this post makes me go so dreamy and excited all over again. :)

    thanks for sharing. and inspiring!

  10. @Maria - It was a bit exhausting but so exciting that I didn't even notice that I was tired :)
    Italy isn't very exciting to me, because I was there before and it neighbouring country to Slovenia where I live.